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    Spider-Man's "Other" who came into being after his rebirth. She masqueraded as the school nurse at Peter Parker's old high school, and would later try to consume Kaine after sleeping with him in Houston.

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    After Spider-Man cheated death, Spiders ate Peter's old body. The spiders, along with Peter's skin, created a new body. This new body looked female. It told Spidey that she exists because he was supposed to die, so she was sent to kill him. Before much of a battle it escaped from Spider-Man and into the sewer.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    As Miss Arrow

    Between the events of Spider-Man: The Other and Civil War, the high school Parker worked at got a new nurse named 'Miss Arrow'. She met Flash Thompson when he was injured by Peter Parker. Flash took a liking to her and started to flirt with her. Later that day, the school was attacked by Francis Klum as Mysterio. The second Mysterio (Daniel Berkhart), came to stop Klum. When Arrow got separated from the group, she met up with, the once dead, Quentin Beck. He told her that he knew she was pretending to be an innocent bystander. Beck told her that she must make Peter continue to work at the school. Beck disappeared and Arrow found herself with another Mysterio, Klum. Klum was going to hold her hostage and he told her that she was going to be a pawn in his game. She extended the large stingers that were hidden in her wrists and she plunged one in Klum's chest. Before she could finish Klum off, he vanished. After the school was safe, she managed to convince Peter to continue working at the school. After that, Peter betrayed Iron Man and had Beast make a holographic disguise.


    Miss Arrow revealed herself to be composed of spiders when she talked to a spider deity in a Church. She told it that she found a host(Flash Thomson), and that he will be her mate, and sustenance. She also says that she must reproduce to survive. Meanwhile, Betty Brant discovered who Peter was, despite his holographic disguise. The two talked about their concern for Arrow, and that she seem suspicious. Earlier, when Flash and Peter were talking and Peter did not have his disguise on, Miss Arrow walked into the room. Pete just barely managed to turn on his disguise. Peter found it strange that his spider-sense did not warn him of her approach. Betty and Peter search "Arrow" and "Spider" on the internet, but nothing relevant comes up. The search engine says "Do you mean 'Ero'?". Peter tells Betty that Ero is a genus of spider that sounds like 'Arrow'. This reminds Pete of the Pirate Spiders that were in humanoid form back when he came back to life. Meanwhile Flash is bowling with friend Kelly Kulick and the Midtown High bowling team. Miss Arrow finds him and tells him that they should leave immediately for a date. He says that he can't because he can't leave the students. Arrow violently shoves Kulick and grabs Flash, Flash is surprised that she has a strong grip. When Flash starts telling his displeasure, Arrow grabs him by the throat. Just then, Kulick attacks Arrow from behind only to get swarmed by spiders. Spider-Man comes and attacks Miss Arrow, the two talk a bit and Miss Arrow escapes by transforming into a bunch of spiders and slipping away into a gutter. She comes back under the truck that Flash and Kulick are hiding in, propelling the truck up into the air. Spidey tells her to let Kulick go. Ero complies by letting her fall to the ground. Spider-Man saves her and goes to the truck. The truck is now on the ground, but Ero escaped into the sewer with Thomson.

    Final Moments

    Ero takes Flash to the church where she was talking to the spider. She removes an egg sac from her stomach and tells Flash that the reason he makes a good mate is that he was in a coma for many months and it made him build up a tremendous amount of tantric energy. This tantric energy will make it so she will have much more offspring. She plans the egg sac down Flash's throat, which will cause Flash to give birth, killing him in the process. Spider-Man eventually tracked Ero down to the church and he took the egg sac from her and he stuck it to a near-by wall. Ero leaps at him with her stingers and so does Spider-Man. As they fought Ero revealed that Spidey's stingers only come when he fights someone "Whose being is rooted in primal forces of chaos and darkness". Ero stabs Spidey, poisoning him. She takes the egg sac and plans to shove it down Spidey's throat. Even though it will mean less offspring, she will not have to deal with Spider-Man ever again. Right before Spider-Man is impregnated, the egg sac is shot by Betty Brant. Ero is enraged and vows revenge. Spider-Man uses this moment to lure Ero into an aviary. The birds swarm over her and she is eaten. Only one piece is left behind and Spider-Man smashes it.

    Powers & Abilities

    Ero's body is made up of nothing but spiders she has the ability to transform into a stream of spiders and she has the ability to control massive numbers of spiders.Her body is pretty much invulnerable as most attacks tend to go right through her and any attacks only seem to damage the spiders that make up her body, but she seems to feel no pain and can easily put herself back together with her spiders or summon new ones she can simply be defend as a energy being simply controling spiders. She can also release blasts of extra spiders from her mouth. Ero can also atler the shape and color of her body to look like a human, not only as Mis Arrow but also as Annabelle Adams, Kaine's ex-girlfriend. Ero has great strength,speed and agility, she seems to be on the same level as Spider-man, but she made statements claiming to be stronger, but these where more than likely simply meant to unnerve Peter. She was able to produce webbing from her figure tips forming webs and a parachute for gliding on wind currents like baby Spiders. Much like Spider-Man, she has stingers that come from her writs. Her stingers were also venomous like his. She said that they would kill a normal human but only slowed Spider-man down. She is also able to hide herself from Spider-man's spider-sense. Due to her body being composed of pirate spiders she naturaly has to feed on other spiders and can consume humans as well. However she only has a short life span and her life can only be sustained by reproducing. Her children gestate in an egg sac and will eat there way out of there egg an their host, but preserve their hosts spirit in them. However they require "tantric energy" to be born, which she she described as a type of divine power people release during sex. The less sex an person has the more the more children that can be produced. She has a great weakness towards holy objects as she was weakened by silver bullets with crosses in them and found strength in an abandoned church and she can die if all the spiders that make up her body are destroyed or consumed before she can absorb new ones.


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