Ernest Hemingway High School

    Location » Ernest Hemingway High School appears in 25 issues.

    A high school in the city of Dakota in the Milestone/Dakotaverse.

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    The school is named after the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway. The school's football team is known as the Hemingway Spartans.

    The school's student body comprises both normal teenagers who did not part take at the Big Bang brawl on Paris Island (both juvenile gang-bangers and honest, clean-cut students) and the Bang Babies who came out of the Big Bang.

    Milestone Forever

    Eventually we seen an adult Static returning to his high school reunion along with his old friends Rick Stone, Chuck Kane, and Felix. Frieda Goren did not appear. The reunion party was interrupted by Hotstreak (now call himself Firewheel), who figures out that Static was a part of the graduating class, but still doesn't know his true identity. Static seeks away to get a spare costume he had hidden away after graduating high school and fights Firewheel. Static's enemy feels to fight another day. Eventually, Firewheel appears again at the homecoming football game. Static has finale battle with Firewheel and wins by a knockout by a football pole.



    • Mr. Garcia - History

    • Ms. Vasquez - English


    In Other Media

    Although Ernest Hemingway High School is not shown in the Static Shock, it is instead replaced with a different name - Dakota Union High School in the DC Animated Universe.


    • Principal Aguilar
    • Mr. Chesterton
    • Mr. Coleman
    • Mr. Janus - Janitor
    • Mr. Lawler
    • Mr. Lee - Science
    • Mr. McDonald
    • Mr. McGill - Algebra and Physics
    • Ms. Pettibone -English
    • Ms. Wepman - Home Economics
    • Darcy/Ms. Moore (Toyman's playmate)


    • Static
    • Richie Foley/Gear
    • Frieda Goren
    • Daisy Watkins (transfered from Vanmoor Institute for Sciemnce)
    • Hotstreak
    • Wade
    • Eddie
    • Dave
    • Cleo
    • Seth Gray
    • Derek "Zee-Bee" Barrett/D-Struct
    • Kim
    • Leon
    • Omar Harmozi
    • Bryan
    • Aaron Price
    • Thomas Kim/Tantrum
    • Royce Axelrod
    • Frankie D'Amico
    • Madelyn Spaulding
    • Joey Bombora
    • Gomez
    • Heather
    • Ruth
    • Earl
    • Nick Connor
    • Kevin
    • Ray
    • Jimmy Osgood
    • Allie Langford/Nail
    • Marcus Reed
    • Tamara Lawerence/Monster
    • Shenice Vale/She-Bag
    • Nina Crocker/Timezone
    • Tina Todd


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