Erin McKillen

    Character » Erin McKillen appears in 12 issues.

    Irish Gotham City mob boss who scarred Harvey Dent's face in the New 52.

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    Erin McKillen and her twin sister Shannon were born into the McKillen crime family. When they were little, they attended school with Bruce Wayne, who was still in mourning for his parents. Erin was regarded as a feisty child, getting into trouble and stealing kisses from Bruce. Upon the death of her father, she and Shannon took control of the McKillen family, and while she gained a penchant for ruthlessness, she and her twin sister were eventually arrested and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary. After losing three appeals, their defense attorney Harvey Dent betrayed them by joining the D.A.'s office and personally helping to keep them locked up.


    Erin was created by Batman and Robin writer Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason.

    Important Story Arcs

    The Big Burn

    Returning to Gotham City after a few years of self imposed exile in Ireland, Erin McKillen returns to her city to once again take control of her crime family. Her return is quickly brought to the attention of Two Face, who she had essentially created by killing his wife and scarring his face with acid, as well as Batman and the GCPD.


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