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When ancient cursed vikings suddenly appear in modern day New York, much destruction and bloodshed unfolds. Lead by powerful and dangerous Lord Harald Jaekelsson, they appear unstoppable, with Avengers, the US military and even Thor and Doctor Strange failing to defeat them. Thor and Doctor Strange investigate the cursed warriors and discover that they are powered by rune magic. They also find that those who descend from the man who cast the rune magic, may be able to harm and injure the violent cursed Vikings. One such descendent being World War 2 fighter pilot Erik Loonroth.   
The most cynical and knowledgeable of the warriors plucked by time, Loonroth was reluctant to believe Doctor Strange's explanation of what was transpiring, yet decent at heart and after talking to his fellow time traveling Sigrid the Viking and Magnus of the Danes, and hearing their reasoning he decides to commit fully to taking on the powerful cursed vikings. Even offering the sentiment that it would be nice to fight for a good simple cause for a change. 


Created by Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry, Erik Loonroth first appears in Thor Vikings released in 2003.  

Powers and Abilities

An experienced soldier, and fighter pilot, Erik Loonroth appears smart and aware of his circumstance and harbors a dislike towards the politics that are killing thousands in his era of World War 2. Harboring a healthy dislike towards Nazi's and Hitler especially. Erik is a skilled pilot.  

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