Erik Drekken

    Character » Erik Drekken appears in 15 issues.

    First appeared in Action Comics #6. In search of the secrets of Captain Comet, Erik somehow got himself mutated.

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    Erik Drekken was a biology student who found papers on a study conducted by Dr Emery Zackro that covered the future of human evolution. These posited the theory that an evolutionary advanced human lived in the world and Drekken intended to find this specimen despite being warned by Zackro that any such act would be a foolish endeavor. Ultimately, he was successful in finding the individual from the study who was a human called Adam Blake. Erik managed to meet Blake but was shocked to discover him accompanied by the alien Oort Kind. This encounter made Drekken determined in finding the secrets of human evolution in order to harness it and use it to protect the planet from whatever threat Adam Blake was fighting.

    At some point afterwards, Erik Drekken became mutated by unknown means where he became a giant ape that attacked Superman only to be defeated. Afterwards, he managed to gain full control over his own DNA allowing him to either evolve or devolve at will whereupon he was recruited into the Anti-Superman Army. The circunstances of his recruitment are unknown, as his encounters with Superman.

    In one attack he travelled through time to capture the engine of Superman's ship, but he was captured by a time traveling Legion of Superheroes and evolved into a more simple lifeform.

    In the final attack of Lord Vyndktvx and his Anti-Superman Army, Drekken, with his abilities recovered, saw Adam again. Adam was now know as Captain Comet. When he was attacked by the Wanderers, evolved beings like himself, Drekken choose to evolve to a form of a radiant intelligence and joined to Comet's crew, leaving earth with him.


    Erik Drekken was created by Action Comics writer Grant Morrison.


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