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    A monster hunter for The Order of St. George

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    Erica saved by a hunter
    Erica saved by a hunter

    When she was 12 years old, Erica saw a monster that no one else seemed to be able to see. It killed her best friend, Becca, during a sleepover and then it eventually went after Erica's parents. After it had killed her mom and dad, she found the courage to attack it. She managed to hurt the monster pretty badly but was unable to kill it. Thankfully, Jessica Slaughter, a monster hunter for The Order of St. George, saved her. She captured the monster and trapped it in Erica's favorite stuffed animal, Octo. Impressed by her tenacity, Jessica promised to train Erica at The House of Slaughter so that she could hunt monsters, just like Jessica does.

    Although, Jesscia was chastised for bringing in a “stray” like Erica, she was still allowed to go to the farm and train to be a monster hunter. To prove herself, she is put into a shared dreamspace with the monster inside Octo. It tempted her to run away in fear or reveal the secret that monsters exist. By sticking to her guns and remembering the events as they played out rather than how she wished they did, she proved everyone wrong by surviving the experience.


    Erica debuted in Something is Killing the Children #1 by James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Angel of Archer’s Peak

    The oscuratype sneaking up on Tommy
    The oscuratype sneaking up on Tommy

    After a monster (called an Oscuratype) attacked a bunch of kids during a sleepover, leaving only one survivor, Erica was sent to Archer’s Peak to investigate and exterminate. She quickly tracked down the one survivor, James, who had turned into a town pariah. They were sticking not just the sleepover murders but the rash of sudden disappearances on him as well. Her sudden appearance and interaction with James made everyone suspicious of her, including a motel manager. He called the sheriff on her, but she was able to talk circles around him until he gave up the first missing kid.

    Using the location of the first missing child, Erica geared up at a local hardware store and went into the woods to find the nest. She was joined reluctantly (on her part) by James, who she desperately wanted to keep out of danger. She was also followed by Tommy, the brother of one of the missing girls. He had stolen his dad’s gun believing that Erica was responsible for all the disappearances and murders. Despite holding her at gunpoint, Erica still leapt to his defense against the monster. However, adults generally can’t see monsters, and Tommy was just too old. He only saw Erica draw blood from thin air and, in his confusion, shot randomly.

    A stray bullet hit James and another survivor, Bian, called out for help. Using a talisman made of “horde gold,” Erica was able to make Tommy see the monster so that he would be more cooperative. She charged him with getting the two children to safety, while she stayed back to kill the monster. Unfortunately, she determined that it was a mother and that her children were still stalking the town.

    The House of Slaughter

    Erica tries to take on the brood
    Erica tries to take on the brood

    After checking on James and Bian, Erica went back into the woods to stake out the corpse of the monster, hoping its children would return to grieve. When she sprung to attack them, they turned intangible and vanished, just in time for Erica’s superior, Aaron Slaughter, to show up and give her a hard time. Aaron schools her on the oscuratype, which can only be slain when feeding, and contemplates using the children Erica just saved as bait.

    Back at the police station, Erica knocked out Aaron as soon as she could so she could get Bian to safety with John, one of the deputies, but she still floated the idea of being bait to James. Just then, Tommy’s friend had caught up to Erica to tell her that Tommy thinks he saw the monsters grab another kid. Erica was unable to get to him in time before the sheriff found Tommy with 3 more bodies, but she was able to stop Aaron from executing him. Instead, she talked Aaron into helping her hunt the monsters that were now attacking the crowd outside the gymnasium, which the police had turned into a makeshift morgue for all the bodies found in the monster’s nest.

    Aaron, who reminded Erica that he agrees with her about The Order’s dark tactics, sacrifices himself so that Erica could help get the crowd to safety.

    A Game of Nowhere

    Erica looking at an imagined monster
    Erica looking at an imagined monster

    With everyone piled inside the school gym to hide out from the monsters, Erica and James head out into danger to try to lure the monsters away. Erica is especially worried because when the Order of St. George finds out about Aaron, they’ll send more operatives that will care more about keeping monsters secret than keeping people safe. Unfortunately, they are attacked trying to steal a car, and Erica was bitten on the arm. She was able to kill the monster, but they needed to lay low at John’s.

    She was forced to explain everything to John, including James’ imagination being responsible for the creation of the monster, which upset James. She was interrupted by members of The Order, including Cecilia, who slit John’s throat. When John fought back with his last breath, Erica was able to escape with Bian and James. They returned to James’ house to replay the events of the night with the help of Octo. It is a strategy called The Game of Nowhere developed by the House of Slaughter. As they focus on imagining the night of the attacks, Erica sees it play out as an illusion thanks to Octo. While mimicking the mother monster, Octo cries out to attract its children, all of which Erica slays.

    With the monsters taken care of, The Order members back off threatening the town. She confronts the head of The House of Slaughter, The Old Dragon, who warned her that there are many other houses in The Order of St. George if she tries to become a solo monster hunter, but Erica cared little about his fear-mongering.

    The Road to Tribulation

    Erica vs the Duplicitype
    Erica vs the Duplicitype

    After telling off The Old Dragon in Archer’s Peak, Erica investigated a grizzly murder scene by some hot springs in Tribulation, New Mexico which left a lone survivor, Gabi. She got the lead from Big Gary Slaughter of the Azure Masks. He had been scrubbing her from the House of Slaughter’s radar ever since she went rogue. Erica posed as a reporter to ask some questions, but she didn’t get much. It forced her to sneak into a crime scene so Octo could get a lay of the land. He determined it was a “duplicitype,” which looks humanoid, and likes how the hot springs warms its food. Unfortunately, she was caught by a local sheriff’s deputy. He took Erica in leaving Octo behind.

    With nothing really to hold her on, Erica was released and continued trying to run down leads. However, it came to her attention that Octo had been found by Gabi and was leading her to the duplicitype. Teamed up with Gabi's new guardian, Riqui, they track them down just in time to stop the monster from attacking her, but Erica was unable to kill it. After it ran away, she called Big Gary for answers, only to hear the voice of Cutter, a British member of The Order of St. George that was called in to take out Erica. After a lot of mocking, Cutter killed Big Gary and warned Erica she was coming for her.


    Erica's tattoo
    Erica's tattoo
    • Height: 5’2”
    • Weight: 132 lb
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Eyes: Green
    • Occupation: Monster hunter for The Order of St. George
    • Distinguishing Features: A tattoo of a dragon with two spears through it on the inside of right forearm.

    Powers and Abilities

    Erica is a well-trained monster hunter. She is able to track and has keen deductive reasoning. She is handy with most bladed weapons and is an Olympic-level athlete.

    She also underwent the Rite of Trepanation, which allows her to continue seeing monsters, which only those under 18 years old can.


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