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Erica is also known as Mothergod. A physicist at Edgewater Nuclear Plant with Dr. Phil Seleski, she was exposed to the same energies that turned Seleski into Solar, Man of the Atom.


Mothergod was created by Jim Shooter, Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton, first appearing in Solar: The Man of the Atom #1, September 1991.

Major Story Arcs

Second Death

In a bid to stop his past self from creating a nuclear explosion, the Solar from an alternate temporal dimension uses Erica as a way to gain access to his reactor. When Erica finds herself caught in the nuclear explosion that grants Phil his powers, she gains similar abilities that manifest themselves in the form of an energy child that Phil later destroys. While still reeling from her loss, Erica lashes out at her abusive husband, Bert Pierce, and kills him with her latent powers, which then apparently consume themselves and kill her.

When Phil investigates Erica’s death, he discovers that someone killed her and learns that the Erica Pierce from the temporal dimension he hails from followed him to the new time line.

Powers and Abilities

Mothergod's powers include energy and matter manipulation.


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