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    Eric Northman is a vampire of Nordic origin, the Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana. He is over 1000 years old, and owns the vampire bar Fangtasia in Shreveport. Eric's relationship with Sookie Stackhouse began as infatuation but gradually turned into passionate love.

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    First TV Appearance: True Blood Season 1 "Escape From Dragon House"(2008)

    True Blood's Eric

    During a battle in which he almost died, Eric saw a figure coming out of the shadows, that promised him immortality, in belief he asked his name. The figure's name was Godric, who lived for centuries after alongside Eric, and who Eric cared deeply for. Eric has an obsession with Sookie Stackhouse and wants her as his own. Eric's relationship with Bill Compton is complicated. They help each other but it will never be a whole friendship if Sookie is still Bill's. Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood so he can track her when ever he wants and so that she feels an attraction for him. Currently Eric is protecting Sookie from the werwolf tribe so she can find Bill.

    Eric is shown to be calculating yet loyal and generally willing to absolve humans that aggravate him-unless they have grievously crossed him. His loyalty as progeny to his maker Godric was so strong, that he fell to his knees in tears when Godric decided to ultimately end his life by meeting the sun. Eric offered to burn beside him, since he claimed that he could not live without Godric.

    He has a great capacity not only for loyalty, but affection (considering vampire nature). Eric demonstrated this with his progeny Pam.

    He has a deep attraction to Sookie Stackhouse and is willing to take her away from Bill at the first opportunity. A very calm, methodical individual, Eric is more in control of his emotions than Bill, and rarely loses his temper. When pushed, however, he has shown a great capacity for violence. Eric is unconcerned about being viewed as "the bad guy" merely seeing his actions as a means to an end. He is often secretive and can be somewhat of a trickster, but is honest and direct.

    Eric is confident enough, that he doesn't think he needs to prove himself. He has a joy of living and a sense of humor uncommon for vampires.


    Human Life

    Eric was a Viking, and used to play near the North Sea as a child. His father was a Viking chieftain (possibly a Jarl) and, although his father and mother wished Eric would chose a wife, he was more interested in enjoying the pleasures of unmarried life. One night while Eric was "with his" with a servant, werewolves attacked their home killing his mother and baby sister. A werewolf managed to overpower his father, taking his crown. It was given to a cloaked figure who walked off into the snowy night leaving Eric to tend to his dying father. Before Eric's father died, he declared Eric a king and made him promise to avenge his family.

    Eric was wounded somewhere in Scandinavia and, against his wishes, his Viking companions decided to stay with him. They told Eric tales of glory and of women waiting for him in Valhalla. During the night, an unseen force murdered his comrades. A mysterious young, tattooed man appeared and introduced himself as "Death" to the dying Eric. Having seen Eric's strength on the battlefield, this boy, the 1,000 year old vampire Godric, offered him immortality through life as a vampire.

    When Eric asked what he got out of it, Godric said "Life". With a lust for life for which he was renowned, Eric agreed and Godric turned him into a vampire.

    During World War II, Godric and Eric posed as Nazi Schutzstaffel agents in order to infiltrate " Operation Werewolf". In 1945, they tracked a werewolf down to a house in Augsburg, Germany. The werewolf attacked and killed an American soldier before turning on Eric, but Godric stabbed her in the arm with a bayonet, pinning her to the wall.

    Eric demanded to know whom her master was, but the werewolf said she would only tell them if Eric let her drink some of his blood. Godric was deeply offended by the idea, as vampire blood is sacred. Eric, however, did not care. He bit himself, and allowed the werewolf to feed from his wrist. She then revealed that her master is a vampire. Eric was shocked. The werewolf took advantage of his distraction, pushing Eric to the ground and attempting to stake him. Godric intervened and snapped the werewolf's neck.

    Godric lectured his progeny about maintaining control of his emotions before promising to hunt the blasphemous vampire down. Shortly after this confrontation, Eric and Godric parted ways, and would not meet again for many decades.

    Sheriff of Area 5 blank.gif

    Eric acquired the position of sheriff of Area 5 because of his age, his cunning personality and his ruthlessness. Eric has one vampire progeny named Pam who, like him, is incredibly loyal. Together they currently operate and own Fangtasia, a vamp nightclub in Shreveport, Louisiana.

    Season 1 blank.gif

    Eric was introduced to Sookie Stackhouse when she came in with Bill Compton looking for information on a recent spate of murders in Bon Temps. It was Sookie's warning about a police raid on Fangtasia that caused Eric to become aware of Sookie's ability to read human minds. This intrigued him. He later called Sookie and Bill back to Fangtasia, wanting Sookie to use her powers to discover who had stolen $60,000 from his business. When Sookie questioned a glamoured employee, Ginger, it became clear that the vampire Longshadow, was responsible for stealing the money.

    When he heard this, Longshadow attempted to silence Sookie by choking her to death, prompting Bill to defend her by putting a stake through Longshadow's heart

    Season 2

    Lafayette, Royce and others who had offended vampires, were chained up in the dungeon of Fangtasia by Eric and Pam. Eric later killed Royce when he tried to escape but spared Lafayette. When Sookie discovered that Eric had been keeping Lafayette prisoner, she demanded that he be set free. Eric agreed to do so as long as Sookie did something for him in return - a 2,000-year-old vampire in Dallas had gone missing and he needed her telepathic skills to find him.

    Eric eventually admitted that the missing vampire was named Godric and that he was his " maker". During an encounter with a human suicide bomber strapped with silver, Eric placed himself in front of Sookie, shielding her from the blast. He used this situation to his benefit by tricking Sookie into sucking some silver bullets out of his body, and, in the process, also drinking some of his blood. Eric and Sookie were now bound the same way she was to Bill. Bill explained that Eric could now sense and find her.

    Sam sought Eric's help to find out what a Maenad was and how to kill it. Eric confessed he knew nothing of Maenads, but said he knew someone who probably did. Before exiting Fangtasia, Eric showed his fangs to Arlene's children which entertained them greatly.

    While leaving, Eric displayed his ability to fly to Coby and Lisa. He traveled to the mansion of Sophie-Anne Leclerq , Queen of Louisiana.

    He confronted Bill upon arrival, and Bill admitted knowing that Eric forced Lafayette to sell Vampire blood at his request. Sophie-Ann asked Eric how Bill knew he had humans selling V, Eric stated that Bill did not know that it was at her command. Sophie-Ann pushed Eric onto his back and told him that Bill better not find out or she would have Eric's fangs for earrings.

    Season 3 blank.gif

    Just before Season 3 starts, Eric and Pam have auditions for a human performer for the club. After many ridiculous try-outs, Yvetta walks in and is almost immediately hired because of her sex appeal.

    At the beginning of the third season it is revealed that Eric is aware werewolves have kidnapped Bill. His prejudice toward a specific group of Werewolves stems from his family being murdered by a group of them, who were ordered by cloaked figure; which Eric discovers is Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi. His feelings and attraction to Sookie are also more apparent, as he begins to have daydreams of her. He arranges for Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf who's father has a debt to pay Eric, to help Sookie while she is in Eric continues to sell V for Sophie Anne. He receives a visit from her and The Magister. They both inform Eric that they suspect a vampire in her majesty's kingdom is selling "V" to the humans. Days later the Magister's men ransack Fangtasia and find the V hidden on the premises; they take Pam captive. When Eric arrives, Pam accuses Bill of selling the V and the Magister gives Eric two days to bring Bill to him.

    Eric goes to Jackson and makes a deal with Russell Edgington- in exchange for rescuing Pam, he would help him take over Sophie-Anne's kingdom. Eric accompanies Russell when the King visits Queen Sophie-Anne's mansion. He physically coerces the queen to agree to Russell's marriage proposal, and locks her in a cage. The next night Eric brings Hadley in front of Sophie-Anne and threatens the Queen, that unless she tells him why she is interested in Sookie Stackhouse, he will drain Hadley of all her blood.

    The queen denies knowing anything about Sookie and Eric proceeds to violently feed on Hadley until Hadley gives in and tells him what he wants to know. Hours later Eric returns to Fangtasia along with Russell and Sophie-Anne, and reveals to the Magister that he sold V on the behest of the queen. After Pam is set free, they watch as Russell tortures the Magister into performing a marriage ceremony- Russell then beheads him. Eric goes back to Jackson, Mississippi with Russell and Sophie-Anne. Eric stands in on the conversation that Russell has with Debbie Pelt about hunting down Sookie Stackhouse. After Debbie leaves the room, Eric warns Russell about killing off Sookie, saying that "bringing Sookie into this may not be the best idea". He also goes on to say that she is like any other human, ruled by petty emotions, therefore she is untrustworthy. Russell questions Eric's allegiance. Eric tells Russell that he has been searching for him, a true leader, for a thousand years.

    He thought Godric was such a leader, but he became weak by his humanity and it ultimately killed him. Eric says that he supports Russell's decision to kill the Magister and that he believes Russell is just the vampire who should stand up to the Authority. To show his submission to Russell, Eric kisses Russell's ring. This is simply a charade; Eric's sole purpose is to retrieve his father's Viking crown, and get revenge for the death of his family.

    During the day, Eric grabs Hadley in the hallway of Russell's mansion, and tells her to give Sookie a message. Later that night, Talbot and Russell argue, while Eric is present- Talbot throws a tantrum. He begins to break things that Russell has collected over the centuries. When Talbot grabs the crown that belonged to Eric's father, Eric stops him. Eric offers to keep Talbot company while Russell goes to Bon Temps to fetch Sookie. Russell and Talbot agree to this.

    While Russell is gone, Talbot and Eric play chess but when Talbot loses, he shoves the chess pieces off the board and demands that Eric remove his clothes because he is bored. Eric admits that it has been a long time since he had done this, and Talbot assumes he means sex with a male, but Eric responds with "No, a vampire." They begin to kiss. As Eric positions himself behind Talbot, he tells him that Russell took his family and now he would take Russell's. Talbot, wide-eyed, gets staked by Eric.

    The same night, Eric returns to Fangtasia telling Pam that he killed Talbot and that they need sanctuary- he is gripping his father's crown. Moments later, Nan Flanagan arrives to discuss the disappearance of the Magister. Eric gives a statement about Russell's plans and how he killed Magnus. He also tells Nan and the Authority about his family's death and his wish to get his revenge. Nan informs him that he and Pam cannot leave Fangtasia until the Authority decides what to do with him and the information he provided.

    Eric does not rest during the day and when Pam wakes up, he assures her that he will take all the blame. He adds, that in case he dies, Pam must become a maker. Nan informs him that the Authority has denied all knowledge about his statement and the ruling itself. She then states that he can take his revenge on Russell although without any support from them. Eric soon realizes the only way to get Russell to trust him again, is to offer Sookie as a gift.

    Being a Fae, her blood is rare and valuable to vampires. Eric brings Russell to Sookie's car- stopping it instantly. They bring Sookie and Bill back to Fangtasia- where they both feed from her. With Sookie's blood enabling them to walk in the sun; Eric proceeds to exit Fangtasia. With Russell watching and realizing on the security monitors that Eric can freely walk in the sun's rays, he joins him outside.

    As Russell joins Eric, he quickly handcuffs the King to himself; preparing to meet the sun with the vampire who killed his human family over 1,000 years ago. Sookie wakes after drinking from Bill and realizes what Eric has chosen to do. She decides to save him.

    Sookie drags Eric back into Fangtasia and feeds him her blood. Once he has regained his strength he tries to go outside for Russell- yet Sookie retrieves him instead. Eric, Pam and Bill slumber during the daylight hours, as Sookie guards a silver-bound Russell.

    After Sookie leaves Fangtasia, Eric, (with the aide of Bill), bring Russell to a construction site owned by Alcide's family. Once there, they entomb him by covering him with concrete. Double-crossed, Eric is thrown into a nearby pit by Bill, and is covered in concrete as well. Later Eric shows up on Sookie's porch. He is covered with wet cement after being freed by the help of his progeny Pam. He finally spills the beans about Bill, informing Sookie that he only came to Bon Temps to learn more and investigate her, on behalf of the Queen, Sophie-Anne.

    He also informs Sookie that Bill let the The Rattrays attack her to the point of near death- knowing she would have to drink his blood to survive.

    Season 4 blank.gif

    Eric is first seen waking from his daily slumber, as Sookie arrives back from Fairy Land. After night fall, Eric appears at Sookie's porch. Bill is also there, and Eric begins to have words. He claims that everyone who has loved or claimed to have loved her, abandoned her- except for himself. Later, Eric creates an ad commercial for Nan Flanagan. A few nights later, Sookie is leaving her shower when she spots Eric in her home. Eric tells Sookie he now owns her home and Sookie as well, adding: 'Sookie, You are Mine!'.

    Eric craves what he is smelling and attacks Sookie in her car. She hits the gas and leaves Eric behind. She stops the car and notices that Eric is no longer there- in a flash Eric grabs Sookie in her drivers seat. She fends him off and asks him what he lasts remembers. He is confused, but recalls the eyes and the chanting. Sookie offers to help him as long as he doesn't touch or feed from her. She brings Eric to her home and calls Pam. Pam, in a flash, arrives at Sookie's home. Eric is startled and quickly asks, "Who the f*** is she?!". When Pam threatens Sookie, Eric pushes Pam across the room. Sookie agrees to help as long as they pay her for her trouble. Eric is obviously attracted to Sookie. He tells her she is beautiful while she cleans off his feet. Eric joins Sookie in his cubby and has to fight off the urge to drink from her. His fangs even eject on accident, causing him to embarrassingly cover his mouth.

    Later, Sookie arrives home and finds her fairy godmother Claudine at her porch. Claudine begs Sookie to join her, but in a flash Eric attacks her. He drains her dry while a stunned Sookie looks on. After Sookie informs Eric of what he had just done, his response was "sorry" and a boyish grin.

    After draining Claudine Eric falls to the ground as if he is drunk. Sookie tries to get him to come inside before the sun rise but he ignores her. He tells her that he wants more and leans in to feed off of sookie but she says "stop you'll kill me!" Eric replies, "I would never harm you." She once again tries to bring him inside but he uses his vampire speed to pinch her butt. Then after a bit of teasing he speeds off, even though dawn is fast approaching. Sookie calls Alcide to catch Eric's scent, they find him swimming in the lake. They are only able to coax him back when the effects of the fairy blood starts to wear off and his skin begins to burn. Eric is very sad to go back to the darkness, he tries to use his mood to steal a kiss from Sookie but she is unconvinced.

    Eric dreams that he is watching Sookie sleep. Godric appears to him as an evil spirit, urging Eric to drink from Sookie. Eric wakes and finds solace in Sookie's bed. During night fall, he leaves his cubby to find Sookie and Tara chatting in the living room. Tara screams and grabs a fire poker. Angry, she yells out all the atrocious things Eric has done to both her and Sookie. Tara leaves and Eric is surprised to hear of the things he did to Sookie. He tells her that he couldn't bare to "snuff out her light", and begins to leave. Walking away from the house, Sookie runs to the porch and calls him back. Eric returns to Sookie's open arms, and the two embrace in a kiss. Pam revealed that she knew what happened to Eric. While Eric and Sookie are in the middle of their kiss, Bill barges in and arrests Eric on the grounds of treason and that he has been infected by Marnie. He seeks council from Nan Flanagan, requesting that Eric meets the true death. Locked in his cell, Eric talks to Pam. She tries to make Eric realize that he is a "Viking Vampire God", but Eric tells her he is not the vampire he use to be. Later, when he is about to meet the true death, he tells Bill to take care of Sookie. It's obvious that Eric truly loves her. The episode ended with Eric returning to Sookie in the woods. He states that Bill set him free. Eric and Sookie share a great kiss and end up making love in the middle of the woods in the moonlight.

    As Alcide and Debbie are searching for Sookie, they stumble upon a vigorously-moaning Sookie and Eric, who are still frolicking beneath the moonlight. The sight makes Alcide depressed, which Debbie immediately picks up on. Bill later visits Sookie and Eric before morning, and silently deduces that they have slept together. Nevertheless, he has come to help Eric survive the next day, bringing multiple silver chains. He explains the situation to them and instructs them to bind Eric if they want him to survive.

    At Sookie's house, Eric wants her to take the silver off but she is frightened because she says it will pull some of his skin off. He reassures her and tells her that the silver on hurts more than taking it off. Eric assures him that he will heal quickly, however he lied. He is not healing and Sookie says you have to feed. She offers him to feed on her. She tells him she is trusting him but he has to promise not to go overboard. He tells her to hold the silver and if he does anything to silver her. Eric promises he will never betray her. When Eric is finished he bites his own hand and offers it to her she says “I am not injured’ he tells her ‘we will be one!’, and Sookie feeds.

    Eric rips the heart out of a Wiccan
    Eric rips the heart out of a Wiccan

    Back over to Eric and Sookie, they are still naked and now in her bed. Sookie is telling Eric that they have an obligation to fight with King Bill. She tells him she will not leave Bill to die. Eric tells Sookie he wants to be with her forever and she tells him ‘there is no such thing as forever.’ During the battle, Sookie senses Antonia casting a spell in her mind, revealing it to Bill. Eric reacts by killing Beverleen, shocking both factions. Antonia reacts to this by chanting a spell that causes immense masses of fog to fill the graveyard, which in turn starts the battle. Antonia captures in a slave spell.

    Eric is now at the Moon Goddess Emporium waiting order from Antonia. Sookie tries to save him, but Eric cannot leave. During the Festival of Tolerance, Martonia has Eric coax Blackburn, Kirsch and Duprez into a trap. Antonia casts the same spell on them, the same she did on Eric. She then orders the bewitched sheriffs to attack the festival.

    In the resultant melee, Blackburn is slain, and Antonia commands Eric to kill Bill. Despite Bill's efforts to defend himself, Eric is about to stake him when Sookie suddenly uses her powers, breaking both of Antonia's curses, simultaneously freeing Eric from her control and restoring his memory. Antonia breaks off the assault and flees, Kirsch and Duprez in tow. Recovering at the king's mansion, Eric and Sookie have an awkward meeting where he admits that he still remembers everything that happened during his amnesia, and claims that the "other Eric" is still a part of him. However, Sookie is conflicted, stating that the reason she was able to break the spells on Eric were because she wanted to save Bill, as well as admitting that she still loves him. Eric is not convinced, and states that she is his now, and that he loves her. Any further discussion is interrupted by Pam's arrival, and Eric shares an emotional reunion with his progeny, as well as agreeing to aid in Bill's plan to kill Antonia. Eric and Pam spend the day at Bill's mansion, joining him, Jessica, and Nan Flanagan in silvering themselves in case Antonia tries to force them to meet the sun again. The following night, Eric, Bill, Pam, and Jessica prepare to attack Moon Goddess Emporium.

    Just as Jessica is about to set the buzzuca of to kill the witches Jason Stackhouse comes running towards them informing them that the witches have taken sookie inside and that there is a spell all around the building to stop everything from getting in. Marnie comes out and tries to co-operate with the vampires by trading Sookie for Bill and Eric's life, as Pam and Jessica look on. As Eric kneels down to get shot by Bill, Pam gets angry and yells. "No fucking way I'm watching you die for this bitch!" Pam proceeds to grab the RPG launcher and shoots it off towards the Moon Goddess Emporium, putting everyone inside it in danger.

    Southern Vampire Mysteries

    Both the Television Series and Graphic Novel Series (both entitled True Blood) are based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries, a novel series written by Charlaine Harris. In this reality, Eric's Maker was an ancient Roman Vampire named Appius Livius Ocella who turned the Viking Eric while he was returning home from a hunt over 1000 years ago. When Eric first met Sookie, he attempted to glamour her from across his bar, Fangtasia, but Sookie's telepathy rendered her immune to the glamour of all vampires. Shortly thereafter Eric employed Sookie for a little job that required a telepath. Eric then saved her life from his traitorous vampire employee. Over the course of several novels, there relationship grew and the love triangle between Eric, Sookie, and Bill composed several subplots spanning the series.

    Powers & Abilities


    Eric has the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire such as superhuman strength, speed, enhanced senses, immortality and rapid healing. Due to his age, he is much stronger than any vampire in his area (including Bill), and even the queen over his area Sophie-Anne who is 500–600 years old. He demonstrates his strength over her when he throws her to the floor and threatens to rip-off her head. Eric was far weaker than his maker Godric, a vampire twice his age, and Russell Edgington a vampire about 1700 years older than him. He's very close to Magnus in strength. His weaknesses include a stake to the heart, silver and fire; sunlight will rapidly kill a vampire of his age. He once kicked a man across Fangtasia and tore Royce Williams apart with his bare hands. It is revealed in Season 2 that Eric has the ability to fly.


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