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Eric J Cockrell is a comic book Creator / Writer / Artist

He currently acts as President of Studio Erbo Comics, which he started as an illustration service in 2005. He regularly creates and publishes work through this label.

Eric J Cockrell has done work on anything from books and comic books to album covers to logos and letterheads.

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In 1992 Eric created a character that would go on to be the focus of many of his comics through his career, Adhesive Man. The character wears a full lime green, spandex suit. His main power is that he sticks to things, which also ends up often being a curse.

Adhesive Man appeared in about 10 different comics between 1992 and 1998, as well as a comic strip in the Crete-Monee High School student newspaper, The Catalyst.

The Adhesive Man adventures were published by a label created by Eric and, collaborator, Darren Fitzpatrick. Several of the characters in Adhesive Man's universe were created and facilitated by Darren, including The Gnat.

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In 2006 Eric reteamed with Darren Fitzpatrick, and another former Crete-Monee High School alum, Eric F Myers, to form Imaginary Comics.

A webcomic was launched called "The Imaginary," produced by Cockrell and Myers. That strip lasted a few months and was intended to spin off into a book, that has been put on hold.

The first book to release under the Imaginary Comics label was a relaunch of the Adhesive Man series.

A relaunch of Darren Fitzpatrick's The Gnat was intended for release, as well as Eric F Myer's Lug, but neither saw release.

Adhesive Man #2 saw release a few months after the first issue, and was the last book published under this label.

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In 2005 Studio Erbo became the outlet for the illustration and marketing services of Eric J Cockrell. In 2012 the studio released a trade paperback called Giant-SIze Adhesive Man.

Giant-Size Adhesive Man collected that first two issues of the Imaginary Comics series, along with deleted scenes, the unreleased third issue, a short story from the Imaginary Comics Annual, and loads of bonus content.

In 2014 Eric and Darren Fitzpatrick began talking about continuing their previous works under the new studio label and launching an anthology of stories from the Adhesiverse. Defective Comics was born.

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Defective Comics was a Kickstarter success in 2015. A meager Kickstarter allowed the pair to create three issues of the series.

The series picked up five years after the 2009 series, with several of the heroes forming the super team, the Assemblers.

Eric F Myers again joined the pair in creating a guest cover for the second issue.

Elliott Scott assisted on the third issues cover, and provided art for the first few pages of the same issue, which introduced an Adhesive Man from an alternate reality, where Adhesive Man is more of your standard super hero.

Defective Comics #4 was released in March of 2017 and saw a shift in layout, as it focused on more gag oriented strips, influenced by books such as Marvel's What The--?! series.

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In 2016 Eric released his first prose novel, Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir.

When punk band Blister split in the summer of 1995, they were largely unknown. “Wellington Punk”, as they referred to it, was a small riff in this genre’s history — not much to shout about and even less to speak of. But speak, we shall! Longtime music marketer, Eric J. Cockrell, has amped up the volume to help breathe new life into Blister, sharing the band’s story with the angsty account, garage band banter and hardcore observations of lead singer/guitarist, Bert Brixley (AKA Blister).

Blister is a teenager in a punk band looking for his place in an evolving world. He thinks he’s got things figured out, but he is continually challenged by everyday issues—you know…girls, jerks, and the age old question, “Am I punk enough?” Can one ever really be punk enough? Answers to these questions and how Blister navigates his world along with his conspiracy theorist best friend and bandmate, Harvey Schnieder, whom he refers to as a “perpetual fifth-grader” puts punk in perspective and rebellion within reach.

If you’ve ever had to deal with meeting girls at funerals, dressing as a costumed character just to get a job, ducking in a field of grass to hide from the cops with an asshole you hate, battling an addiction to buttercream frosting, outrunning a hot girl’s thug boyfriend, or trying not to punch your best friend’s dickhead older brother in the face; this book’s for you.

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Also in 2016, Eric F Myer's Rejected Hammer Thesis series came under the Studio Erbo umbrella with issue #3.

Featuring stories from a variety of artists and writers, Rejected Hammer Thesis acts as a graphic mixtape. The anthology reaches into any genre, and is perfect for a reader who is seeking a blast of of originality and exceptional creativity.

The first two issues were reissued with the studio's logo in the corner.

Eric contributed short Blister stories to issues #3 and #4 of the series, as well as a few other stories.


The Webcomics Hurricane Relief Telethon Book (1pg)Blank Label ComicsArt/Writer/Creator
SMS Yearbook 2006 (cover)Imaginary Comics

Cover Art

Adhesive ManImaginary Comics


Imaginary Comics Annual 2009 (3 stories)Imaginary ComicsArt/Writer/Creator
Pugtime Stories (Children's Book)Pug'em Up PressAuthor/Illustrator
Giant-Size Adhesive ManStudio Erbo ComicsArt/Writer/Creator
Bam Too! (1pg)Super Powered Anthology MakersArt/Writer/Creator
Defective ComicsStudio Erbo ComicsArt/Writer/Creator
Rejected Hammer Thesis (Contributor)Studio Erbo ComicsArt/Writer/Creator
Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir (Novel)Studio ErboAuthor
Blister ComicsStudio Erbo ComicsArt/Writer/Creator

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