Eric Chin

    Character » Eric Chin appears in 8 issues.

    The master computer hacker of the bunch, Eric is the only Troubleshooter with a serious criminal record, attempting to translate his skill at breaking into computers into real buildings. After the Law set him straight, he went to M.I.T. to turn his life around

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    As a youth, Eric Chin was fascinated with computers. He played with them constantly as a child, and learned how they ticked at a very early age. However, his fascination for computers turned to computer hacking, as he learned how easy (and fun!) it is to break into other people's machines to learn their dark secrets. Most impressive with a Commodore 64, to be sure.

    Eric got really good at it, though, and decided he wanted to try breaking into real places as well; of course, this didn't go as well as his online hijinks, and he got caught. Luckily for him, however, Eric didn't go to jail (due to his age), and was able to resume a normal, crime-free life from then on until his college days, when he became a part of M.I.T.'s Troubleshooters.

    An odd duck of a clique, the Troubleshooters were a gaggle of techno-geeks and other high tech wannabees, who happened to be at the absolute top of their classes at M.I.T. A hard working student himself, Eric couldn't help but get sucked into the eddies of mirth and mayhem that surrounded the Troubleshooters and their bizarre technological pranks on campus.

    As a Troubleshooter, Eric found himself eventually helping one of the team's favorite instructors, Professor Jenny Swensen, to break into Krotze International. Her father worked there until his mysterious death, and Jenny needed to get proof that the company killed him on purpose. Liking the idea of the challenge, the five Troubleshooters helped her get in.

    Once there, the team discovered something else altogether: Doctor Karl Swensen's Mark 2 M.A.X. armor suit. Knowing why it was hidden, Jenny then stole it and the mobile laboratory it was built in, taking the Troubleshooters with her into the back woods of Boston. While there, the Troubleshooters began to break down the M.A.X. technology in order to see how it worked.

    Once they understood how it worked, the Troubleshooters started producing practical applications of the heuristic breakthroughs of Doctor Swensen; well, all but Eric. Unlike his fellows, Eric wasn't sure that this was such a good idea, and as such, he never built himself up a high tech M.A.X. toy. And this, in the end, saved his life from the anger of Steel Hawk.

    This assassin, in the employ of the Club, was working to destroy Jenny Swensen. The Troubleshooters, trying to get her out of jail, went to his place looking for proof of his involvement in the murder he'd framed her for, on a lark. Of course, at the man's place, they also found evidence that the man was out to kill the visiting English Prime Minister, and set out to stop this dastardly deed!

    The Troubleshooters succeeded at this, but gained Steel Hawk's enmity, and the villain tracked the college students down and smacked them silly, killing Andy and maiming Ferris. However, having lacked any actual high tech toys, Eric managed to avoid Steel Hawk's vengeance. Though he wasn't affected by the carnage, Eric was at ground zero when it happened, so he rode with Tim to the hospital.

    Eric's further activities have yet to be chronicled...


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