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    Erg's mutant power is to absorb any kind of energy, and release it from his right eye.

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    During a point of his life on the surface, Erg was a painter, but years later Erg would become a member of an underground community known as the Morlocks. He is able to absorb all forms of energy and project them in blasts from his left eye, which he called his "electric eye".


    Erg was created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman in 1985 and first appeared in Power Pack # 12.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Mutant Massacre

    He was one of the few survivors of the horrible attack on the Morlocks known as the Mutant Massacre.  During this event he witnessed the death of his friend Zeek at the hands of Harpoon.  But he would later save Beautiful Dreamer from him.  He would later take refuge with other Massacre survivors at the X-Factor Complex.



    He was also one of the first to seek a haven at Xaviers Institute after M-Day. Erg, Mammomax, and Peepers were running from members of the murderous Sapien League. They had the institute in sight when they were taken down by a shock grenade and tasers. The Leper Queen then ordered all of them killed. The League members set up crosses in the shape of X's and bound the three mutants to them. They poured gasoline on them and lit it with a match. Erg awoke to find the legs of the cross in a blaze. He would have surly died if Wolverine hadn't snatched him and the others from the crosses. Wolverine was in the woods being sketched by Colossus.

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    It was Erg's idea to have a "198" flag on the grounds of the institute. He claimed he had an uncle, unnamed, who was a Hell's Angel and that the Hell's Angels wear a 1% badge because the Media said it was only one percent of bikers when a group of bikers tore up a town called hollister back in the 1940's.

    He was one of a few mutants who attacked Sentinel Squad ONE (Office of National Emergency) because they wanted to leave the Xavier estate. Mister M ended that fight. He was also one of the unfortunate ones who agreed to being tagged when they went on a trip to the Salem Center they were told the tags were harmless. This turned out not to be true as Erg found out. Later on, Mr. M took the liberty of freeing the chipped mutants of their devices.  HOwever during the break out, Erg and the mutant Fever Pitch were under the control of Johnny Dee, and ended up attacking the X-Men. Erg later appeared alongside Skids and Bliss under the leadership of Masque who was commiting terrorist acts against humans in an effort to bring about the predictions of the precognitive Morlock Querty. Due to Skids being an undercover member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and with the help of the X-Men, this group of Morlocks were defeated and Erg's current whereabouts are unknown. 


    Erg recently moved to San Francisco, along with many other mutants. He has been seen participating in the recent riots with Avalanche, when Gambit tries to control the two, . Ares arrives and attacks. Gambit then takes on the God of War. 


    X-Men The Animated Series
    Erg appeared in numerous episodes of this series, along with his fellow Morlocks he fought the X-Men on occasions.


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