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Erazmus raised his son James alone. As a scientist, he became obsessed with mutation and genetic research - in particular, cross-species genetics.


Erazmus Tilton was created by Andy Lanning, Anthony Williams and Len Kaminski.

Character Evolution

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Erazmus Tilton's obsession with genetic mutation, added to the stress of raising a child alone, led him to experiment on his own son. He initially worked for a genetics research company called Nugenix. When the funding for his project is threatened due to lack of results, he turns to his young son for a solution. His ultimate goal is to create a new breed of humans who are immune to cancer. He deliberately gives cancer to Jimmy, so that he can attempt to alter his genetics. Over the years, the numerous experiments and injections cause his son to change, gradually becoming more reptilian, and more importantly, less human. Rather than be disturbed, Erazmus touts this as a great success, elated that his son is the first of a new species.

Jimmy eventually runs away to work in the circus as Jimmy The Reptile Boy, where he attracts the attention of Nugenix. They file a patent on his DNA, telling Erazmus that his son is now intellectual property, and they will see him in court. He tells a tearful Jimmy that he must live at the Nugenix complex now, as they have "so many lawyers", and he hasn't the money to fight for custody of his son.

Major Story Arcs

Superboy Plus

In Superboy Plus #2, it is revealed that Erazmus is working as a scientist at Project Cadmus HQ. Slither attacks his father when he first sees him, but then proceeds to let him go. However, the damage is done - when his coworkers learn about what he did to his son, he is instantly dismissed. They later comment that this is unfortunate that he had to go, as without his years of knowledge, they may never find a cure for Slither.

Powers and Abilities

While he does not possess any superhuman powers or abilities, Erazmus Tilton is considered to be a brilliant scientist.

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