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When Philip Taylor was eight years old, he discovered that he could erase things. Not only the writings on the paper, but the paper itself, the table underneath it, the floor... Realizing it was something special, he hid his talent from others. Secretly experimenting, he discovered that nothing could withstand his power.

Reaching the age of 18, he left Canada for the United States. He trained himself, designed a costume and became a criminal.

Major Story Arcs

Working for Madame Synn

Offering his services to Madame Synn, she gave him an initiation task: kill League of Champions member Icicle. He attacked her at a fashion design show, held by Lady Arcane. With some help from Lady Arcane, Icicle managed to defeat him. Lady Arcane then took his eraser from him.

Powers and abilities

With his eraser, he can rub out anything: inorganic matter and organic matter. He has been seen rubbing out body parts. After several minutes, they start to reappear however, without further damage done.

He can fly by erasing the air in front of him, creating a partial vacuum which pulls him forward.


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