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Character History

The Eraser is a criminal scientist and a masked hit man, he always promises to “rub out” the targets he was hired to kill. In the late forties he was hired by a mob boss to kill The Shield. The Eraser was successful and efficient; he managed to turn the famous hero into a stone statue with an “ion ray”, a device of his own creation. This event led Bill Higgins, the son of the first Shield, to take up his father’s moniker and become the new Shield, swearing to get revenge on The Eraser for his father’s petrification. Bill tracks the Eraser down and defeats him, imprisoning him in another dimension, where he would remain for over a decade. Eventually the Eraser escaped from his imprisonment in the alternate dimension, but was amnesic, unable to remember anything.

Later the Brain Emperor (a long-time foe of the Mighty Crusaders, who was out to kill the super team) used his telepathic powers to restore The Eraser’s memory. The Eraser once again resumes his career as a super villain, incorporating “dimensional transporters” into his gloves, which let him literally “erase” objects by transporting them to another dimension. He later goes on to join a super villain team named the Riot Squad, and went on to fight The Fox with the team. Soon afterward he and the Riot Squad killed Matthew Burland, the first Black Hood, which brought him to the attention of Mighty Crusaders, in particular Kip Burland, Matthew’s nephew and the current Black Hood. His team gets in fight with the Mighty Crusaders, bearing the full weight of their wrath for the murder of a fellow hero, and the entire team is killed in an explosion.

The character was reimagined as part of DC Comics Red Circle line when the company licensed the Archie Comics characters in 2010. He is introduced as a man made of shadows.

It has been mentioned that he will appear in upcoming superhero comics published by Archie comics. It is unknown if his past history will remain the same or not.

Powers and Abilities

The Eraser has no powers and is just a normal human being, with possibly below average human abilities on account of his weight.


The Eraser is an intelligent scientist, and uses a variety of devices of his own creation. These include an Ion Ray, which petrifies human beings, dimensional transporters in his gloves, which allow him to "erase" objects, and a ray gun..


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