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    Terry Sorenson, driven insane by his powers, began a life of crime to finance his mother's attempts to cure him. Equinox was one of the first villains in the Villains Anonymous(Vil-Anon) program.

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    Being born to David and Margay Sorenson, two brilliant scientists, Terry started life as a normal but happy/privileged child. Later, around his teens, Terry witnessed his proud physicist father David slowly begin to have mental breakdown as his research remained obscure, while his mother Margay's contributions gained national attention. His dad turned to alcohol which aided in only the horrid abuse of his mom, and eventually the natural splitting of both parents at the age of 17. That same night, Terry's father had an accident in his home laboratory and after bolting into a burning house, Terry himself was mutated into a Fiery/Icy being with formidable powers while his dad seemingly passed away from the equipment malfunction. Unable to control his new state, Terry Sorenson was driven effectively insane. His widowed mother tried to cure him with her research but didn't have the funds, resulting in Terry beginning a life of crime for the money needed. He first encountered the heroes Human Torch and Ice-Man, fighting off both heroes initially before being further pursued and subdued by a joint blast from the Hot/Cold duo.


    Equinox was created by Len Wein and Gil Kane in 1974 and first appeared in Marvel Team-Up # 23.

    Story Arcs

    Then later, while trying to rob a bank, he fought with Spider-Man but escaped. He has also fought other heroes such as Hank Pym , Wasp, and the Falcon. Ridding himself of the life of crime, he was one of the first members of Villains Anonymous(Vil-Anon), and seemingly reformed.

    Tangles with Spider-Man
    Tangles with Spider-Man

    Civil War

    During the Civil War, Equinox opposed SHRA and joined other villians including: Shockwave, Goldbug, and Bloodshed, to get out of the country. However, Vienna of Heroes For Hire was the one to get them out, and the villains had no clue they were being set up. After Capture they were all sentenced to The Negative Zone Prison Alpha.

    The Initiative/Secret Invasion

    Equinox is currently a member of Freedom Force, Montana's premiere superhero team. In the story arc "Secret Invasion" he has been confirmed as a skrull. Cloud 9, a teammate of his, killed him after it was revealed that he was a Skrull and he attacked his team.

    He was one of several earthlings rescued from a Skrull vessel by Iron Man at the end of the invasion.

    Astonishing Tales: The Thing

    Equinox apologizes to the Thing.
    Equinox apologizes to the Thing.

    Equinox later reveals himself to the Thing as they sat next to each other at a bar. The Thing tells Equinox that it was his day off and didn't need a second rate villain to cause any trouble while he watched the game. Equinox tells the Thing that he doesn't want to fight but to apologize for his previous actions with other heroes. He tells the Thing his origin and how his father had killed himself in the lab explosion that radiated him with thermionic emissions. He tells the Thing that the thermionic cycles were affecting his mind state and how it made him psychotic and homicidal. His recollection of events that took place were scattered in his mind so he read police reports about his attacks on various heroes and even his mother. He tells the Thing that he went into a coma for six years after his defeat at the Baxter building. His mother contracted breast cancer during that time and that she died alone in a bed at the Sloan-Kettering Medical Center. Equinox tells the Thing that they both have something in common and knows how it feels to be changed forever by circumstances beyond their control. Equinox asked the Thing to extend his apologies to Mr. Fantastic and the rest of the Fantastic Four before he walked away.

    Ends of the Earth

    Equinox comes into conflict with Spider-Man when he starts to burn down a building in East Harlem for protection money and encases several firefighter's feet in ice. Spider-Man negates Equinox's elemental powers when he strikes him with a retardant gel he created at Horizon Labs.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Equinox has the powers of pyrokinesis (fire manipulation) and cryo/thermokinesis (temperature manipulation). He is able to achieve this by putting himself in to a state of thermodynamic flux, his body simultaneously producing extreme cold and extreme heat. Additionally, Equinox is able to use these abilities to grant himself superhuman strength (listed at 25 tons) and Bullet-proof durability, the latter of which is developed enough to withstand point blank gasoline-truck-explosions & Molecular disruption.

    Master Thermokinetic
    Master Thermokinetic

    Equinox has gained more control of his powers in recent times. His heat (described as Nuclear fire) is sufficient enough to sear through buildings, liquify metals, and instantly melt bullets before they touch him, and his freezing abilities enough to make Ice slides out of airborne water molecules or harm Spider-Man upon the web slinger landing a blow (density described as hitting "Frozen Granite").

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6'
    • Weight: 200 lbs
    • Hair: Bald
    • Eyes: Brown

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

    Equinox is one of the villians shown to be injected with mind-controlling nanites as the heroes infiltrate Prison 42. He poses as an enemy and must be defeated multiple times through the duration of the game.

    Under Nanite manipulation
    Under Nanite manipulation


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