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    Epoch is the omniscient protector of cosmic awareness. She chooses champions and endows them with the Quantum Bands to protect the universe; a role she inherited from Eon.

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    Epoch was hatched shortly after her parent; Eon was killed during Quasar’s battle with the Cosmic Assassin, Maelstrom. Despite being born premature as a result of Thanos’ action of turning Eon’s corpse inside-out, luckily, by that time she had absorbed the basic knowledge required of her to assume her parent’s cosmic station whose duty it was to nurture the evolution of sentient life of the universe and to maintain conditions favorable to life in the universe. (One might surmise that Epoch would have stayed within Eon's body and therefore the Eonverse for several more centuries until she was powerful enough to protect herself had her parent not died) Quasar protected her as he did her parent; she was still quite weak and still had a wealth of information to absorb to fuel her budding cosmic awareness.

    Later, Epoch chose to explore the Crab Nebula without Quasar’s protection, and on several occasions after that was either unable to receive or was unwilling to answer more than one emergency communication from Quasar. (though this shouldn't be see as some sort of snub towards Quasar as writers in question probably did not want to deal with a cosmic entity solving the hero's problems for him). With the death of Quasar during Annihilation, Epoch, instead of resurrecting her deceased Protector, she chose to resurrect Gravity instead, making him (temporarily) the new Protector of the Universe when Epoch was threatened by Galactus and his Heralds: Silver Surfer and Stardust. After successfully protecting Epoch, Gravity declined to remain a Protector. Since then it is assumed that Epoch is continuing her duties and searching the universe for a new Protector.

    Strangely, with Quasar's subsequent resurrection and his reclamation of the Quantum-Bands and subsequently passing them onto Avril Kincaid along with the mantle of Quasar, there has been no mention of Epoch in relation to Quasar's duty of Protector of the Universe.


    Epoch is a Marvel comics character created by Mark Gruenwald, Greg Capullo and Keith Williams. The character first appears in Quasar #27 released in 1991.

    Powers and Abilities

    Epoch is still fairly young by cosmic standards and yet to reach her full power which will be extremely vast, and come with maturity. Until then Epoch possesses flight, vast telepathic powers, and teleportation.


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