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    A Marvel imprint initially formed in 1982 that went defunct in the mid-1990s, but saw a mild resurgence in recent years. The Epic imprint catered to mature audiences and published mostly creator owned work.

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    Marvel revived the imprint recently, but became overshadowed by ICON because of the creator-owned nature of both Imprints, Icon has effectively become the replacement for Epic.

    With the success of Marvel's Epic Illustrated Magazine, Editor-in-Chief at the time Jim Shooter launched the Epic Comics Imprint. This imprinted was on of the first places comic creators could release a comic and still retain creative rights over it. This imprint allowed fore more mature comics released at Marvel. The comics had better production value and were only available at direct comic markets, not at places like grocery stores where comics were still common.

    Jim Starlin's Dreadstar was the imprint's first project, published in November of 1982. Because of Marvel's bankruptcy problems and the decline in the market. The Epic Imprint has phased in and out of usage. Many of these once published creator owned comics have found new homes at other publishers. Such as J.M. DeMatteis' Blood: A Tale and Moonshadow which both are now at DC's Vertigo.


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