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Contains several stories:

The Answer (Galactus & Silver Surfer)

The Silver Surfer and Galactus stood at the edge of the universe on a desolate planet. Silver surfer questioned Galactus as to what lies beyond that point. Galactus told him "there is no answer." Only further provoking the Surfer's curiosity. Galactus eventually gave the Surfer permision to travel further into the deep unknown to find the answers which he saught. The Surfer explored the nothingness till he found a blackhole and flew into it. When he made it out of the storm he was back at the desolate planet, where he left Galactus, who is still standing there waiting for the surfer.

"I tried to warn you." Galactus said as though expecting the Surfers return.

"Warn me of what? Speak Galactus." Surfer questioned

"Man has always known the answer. has it not been chronicled in science, song and legend since the dawn of time. Time and space are one. here is there. Then is now, and god is all." Galactus explained

"At last I understand. I searched for a place. But there is no place. The answer lies within us." The surfer understood.

Homespun (Elfquest)

A mystical nchanted forest was populated with Pixie like creatures called preservers. The preservers once had a job to spin their enchanted silk around thing to preserve them but they can no longer recall what they were supposed to preserve so they spun their silk indiscriminately, trapping them in their silk to sleep forever. the enchanted forests are theirfor believed to be cursed. One day, Petalwing, the leader of the preservers sees two lovers running into the enchanted woods. Selah and Malek, the lovers, are running from Selah's father who does not approve of Malek and was hunting them down. They hide in the forbidden grove in hopes that Selah's father will not brave the enchanted woods to find them. Selah's father persued them into the woods, ignoring the cursed legend. The preservers scared away Selah's father. Selah, and Malek thank the preservers for their help and fall asleep. The preservers with their pooor memory forget why the lovers were their and ensnare them both in their silk and Selah and Malek remained asleep forever.


Two nameless characters awake in a blank world with no memory of where they came from or how they got there. 1 male in an astronaught uniform, and one woman who looks as though she came from an african tribe. they Wander around, while the astronaut explains to the woman that they are not in control and that they are just cartoons. In the end they are erased.

For the next 60 seconds

A man sits watching television when the emergency broadcast system begins to alarm. The Television explodes killing the man. A final scene shows that the entire city was distroyed in one apocalyptic explosion.

"This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system. Had it been a real alert you would have been instructed where to tune in your areah for official news and information. This was only a test."

Metamorphosis Oddysey - Aknaton chapter I

Aknaton drifted in deep space on a platform, pondering his past, memories of his friends and family and loved ones. They and their world met it's end at the hands of an alien race of assimilation tyrants. They travel from one world to another stripping it of it's natural resources, then finally leaving the dead behind and enslaving the survivors.

Lullabye of Bedlam

History of human absurdity



Metamorphosis Oddysey - Za! chapter II

Metamorphosis Oddysey - Chapter III Juliet




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Story Arcs

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