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    Shield maiden of Rohan and niece of King Theoden.

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    Daughter of Éomund and Theodwyn, sister to Éomer and niece of King Théoden. She was very beautiful. She had long golden hair and grey eyes. She was slim, tall, pale and very graceful. In temperament she was high-minded, idealistic, spirited and brave.

    She and her brother lived with the King and she spend most time of her younger years caring for Theoden, because he was under the spell of Saruman and Grima Wormtonque. After Gandalf restored him and he and all the warriors went to battle, she also wanted to fight, but Theoden wanted her to stay behind and care for the people. In the battle of The Hornburg, she accepted the the order of The King, though she didn't like it.

    After they won that battle and Gondor called for help, the Rohirrim went to battle again. She begged Theoden to allow her to fight but he refused again. This time, however, she diguised herself as a warrior and called herself Dernhelm. The Hobbit Meriadoc (Merry), who was in the service of the King, also wasn't allowed to come to battle, but Éowyn took him along with her. This was possible because Éowyn weighs less then a man, and therefor her horse was strong enough to carry them both.

    The Batlle of the Pellenor Fields

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    Once the Rohirrim entered the Pellenor Fields, Éowyn fought in Théoden's escort. She was a fierce fighter and killed many enemy's, but her greatest achievement was when she battled the Witch-King. The Witch-King entered the battlefield on his Fell Beast, and whole Théoden's escort fled, except for Éowyn and Merry. The Witch-King's Fell Beast grabbed Théoden and his horse and threw them on the ground. The horse Snowmane lay dead on the King and he was mortally wounded.

    The Witch-King told his Fell Beast to ''feast on his flesh'' but Éowyn came between them. The Witch-King said that no living man could slay him om which Éowyn awnwsered: "No living man am I! You look upon a woman! Éowyn I am, Éomund's daughter. Begone if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him!''

    After that, the Fell Beast tried to attack her, but she stepped aside and chopped his head of. The furious Witch-King charged at her with his mace. Splintering her shield and breaking her arm both with only a single blow. But before he could give the final blow, Merry stabbed him in the back of his knee, and because his dagger was made long ago in Westernesse it did affect him.

    Éowyn stood up an trusted her sword in his head, killing the Witch-King. However, it wasn't over for her yet. Because she came in contact with him through her sword, she got something called ''The Black Breath''. Merry also got the Black Breath. Theoden, who didn't know Éowyn was here told Merry that Éowyn was dearer then a daughter to him with his final breath. Both Merry and Éowyn became unconcious after that on the battlefield due to the Black Breath. Found by Prince Imrahil on the battlefield, she was brought to the Houses of Healing. She was in a very bad state once she came there, though she was healed by Aragorn.


    The first time she new about Aragorn she was in love. This was actually not a real love for him, but more for the fact that he could give her glory. Éowyn always had dreams of glory, but her uncle always refused her to fight. If she would get married to Aragorn, she would get glory, by being a queen.

    But once she came in the Houses of Healing she met Faramir. The two fell in love with eachother and Éowyn gave up her dreams of glory, probably because she already got that when she slayed the Witch-King. The two married and settled down in Ithilien. They had atleast one son; Elboron, and one grandson; Barahir.


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