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    The lead singer and keyboardist for the band The Clash At Demonhead, Envy devastated Scott Pilgrim in college when she broke up with him. Described as being "nice" in the past, Envy is now very aggressive and callous.

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    Envy first appears at the end of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and is then in Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness and in Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour.

    Envy's real name is Natalie V. Adams and had a some what bad childhood. She was friends with Todd Ingram since she was 11 but Todd moved. In college she was roomates with Julie and in a relationship with Scott Pilgrim. She was also vocals in Scott's and Stephen Stills's band Kid Chameleon. She was known as the nerdy anime chick until she sold all her stuff and used them to buy better clothes. The band she was in got bigger and more popular. She kicked Scott off of drums and onto bass. She then left to Montreal to visit todd and they had an affair. When she returned the band (now hers) got a record deal and left Scott for Todd. After she graduated she started the band Clash at the Demonhead which became really popular.

    Vs the world

    Envy first appeared through a phone call to Scott. She called to talk to him and told him that her and the band are performing in Toronto and Want Scott's band to perform as an opening band. The phone call left Scott in a coma. Later at the end of the book Envy came and performed at Lee's Palace.

    The infinite sadness

    After the show she had Scott and the gang come backstage to chat. Envy talked to Julie and Ramona acting high and mighty. Knives (being the huge fan she is) kept interupting her. So Envy signaled Lynette Guycott to punch Knives and kick her out. Then Scott leaped and attacked Todd but Todd beat Scott in the end. Envy then stopped the fight and postponed it until the next day at Honest Eds. The next day she explained the challenge of going in Honest Eds, head to the back, and fight each other. She also told Todd to not use his powers. The challenge then ended with todd destroying the place with his powers and she postponed the fight again. The day Scott's band is to perform she asks scott for a chat but didn't work out. Then she went to Ramona and messed around with her and says she knows all about her and Gideon. Ramona responds by calling Envy by her real name and they broke out into a fight. Envy fought but was distracted by Wallace's insults leaving Ramona with the upper hand until Wallace went to the bathroom. Envy then gained the upper hand and was going to squish Ramona with her own hammer until Knives came and attacked her but that failed. Then Scott came stopped Envy by poking the back of her knee which was her pleasure spot making her fall down. She then was going to attack Scott until Ramona revealed that Todd is cheating on her with the drummer. Envy refused to believe it because she thinks Todd loves her so much he blasted a hole threw the moon. Ramona then told her Todd did the same thing for her. Envy then found Todd with the drummer's underwear on his head which made her furious. She attacked Todd and kicked him in the balls. Todd responded with a punch and knocked Envy down. Scott came and defeated Todd. Envy now depressed says she forgives Scott and leaves without giving Scott closure.

    Finest hour

    Months later, Envy has become a solo artist and is currently dating Gideon. She had coffee with Scott and told Scott that they broke up because of an argument Scott started. Later she is seen performing her new solo album at the new Chaos Theatre owned by Gideon. When Scott defeated Gideon she finally gave him closure by hugging him. She then said her relationship with Gideon wouldn't last and left.

    Other Media

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie - In the movie Envy Adams is played by Brie Larson.

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Envy appears as a mid-boss during World 3 alongside Lynette Guycott for the party. The pair take turns during the fight with Envy using basic kicks and a homing jump kick while taunting Lynette to do most of the fighting. Once they are defeated that triggers a cutscene where Lynette and Envy brawl (probably about Todd cheating on Envy with Lynette) and Lynette loses her bionic arm as she telports away. Envy then disappears with a cloud hanging over her head and leaves $2.60 for the player. Envy appears in Scott's ending, after Ramona dumps Scott he begins dating his 3 ex girlfriends at the same time. (Envy, Knives Chau, and Kim Pine)


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