Entropy Aegis

    Object » Entropy Aegis appears in 11 issues.

    Crafted by Darkseid out of an Imperiex shell. It is extremely powerful but it destroys the wearer's soul. It once entrapped John Henry Irons (Steel).

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    The Entropy Aegis is an Armor designed by Darkseid. It was crafted from the combination of Apokoliptian technology and Imperiex probes, androids that are similar to the destroyer of galaxies Imperiex, but only differ in size, being much smaller than its originator. The Armor was meant for Superman on the war against Imperiex, but after it was refused by him, John Henry Irons made use of it, but became increasingly dependent on the Armor while under the influence of Darkseid, until he was freed by Superman. The Armor was never to be used again.


    • Surviving the vacuum of space
    • Space travel near the speed of light
    • Absorb, and reflect energy on its opponents
    • Teleportation
    • Energy blasts from its gauntlets
    • Able to withstand cosmic level attacks


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