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Enthralla is the niece of Mastermind, the former member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.   

It is believed she has the ultimate goal of creating a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  For a period of time she was allied with Sabreclaw a potential recruite to her Brotherhood, but he has since attempted to reform and has become a member of A-Next.  

Enthralla is the nemisis of Magneta, the leader of the Sisterhood of Mutants.  Enthralla once impersonated Black Tom Cassidy in order to lure Magneta into a trap.  Magneta was accompanied by J2 and Wild Thing, together the three of them battled and defeated Enthralla and Sabreclaw.  
Not much is known about the past of Enthralla though she seems to be related to the Mastermind family. She first showed up trying to manipulate the minds of the X-people to turn J2 against them. Thanks to J2's armor, he was immune to Enthralla's mind control and defeated her. She later escaped and met up with the true planner behind the X-people's attack, Magneta. Magneta had been trying to form a new version of the Brotherhood of Mutants the same way Magneto had done years earlier. She wanted J2 and Wild Thing on her side. However, J2 had no plans of turning against humanity and unlike his father's early career as a criminal, he would not work for Magneta. After a long battle, Enthralla and Magneta escaped.      


Enthralla posses illusion powers similar to Mastermind's.  She uses a hypnotic stare to mesmerize her victims and can then manipulate them to  see or believe whatever she chooses. 

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