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    Lead by Mrrungo-Mu, the Enslavers capture the populations of entire planets

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    The Enslavers are an alien race that travel the universe enslaving the entire populations of planets. They are led by Mrrungo-Mu.

    The Ship

    They travel in a ship that is larger than most planets. The ship is powered by the slaves. It contains other Enslaving Ships larger than a city that are used to pull people from the planet. The ship also contains vast scientific laboratories that are used to find new planets to enslave.


    The ship is commanded by members of Mrrungo-Mu's race. Other sections of the ship are run by slaves. The penalty for failure is death. Even the slightest annoyance to Mrrungo-Mu can also mean death.
    The Enslavers also have armed guards which are sent to the planet first to capture anyone who may stand in the way of capturing the populace. They are extremely powerful, possibly powered by the ship's energy stores. They are capable of taking down the most powerful of foes including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men and the Hulk.


    The slaves aboard the ship power the ship and Mrrungo. They are also kept in stasis chambers for later use. 
    Other slaves run certain parts of the ship, including engineering and the laboratories. Some keep the monstrous pets of Mrrungo alive. Some slaves are used to feed these animals. Many slaves die from overexertion.


    Billions have been captured by the Enslavers. Of these were the residents of Zenn-La. The ship was led to Earth by a space probe.
    The Enslavers successfully captured the residents and heroes of Earth. The Silver Surfer remained and faced off against Mrrungo. He secretly gave half of his power to Earl Weygand, who used the power to destroy the main energy stores of the ship. This caused a slave revolt. The Silver Surfer was able to destroy the remnants and cause Mrrungo to lose his power. 
    After Mrrungo's defeat, the Silver Surfer led the remaining captors back to their homes.

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