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Stone Ocean

Pucci is an American Godfather who believes in the existence of Heaven and desires to reach it. He used to be Dio Brando's friend, also gets a Stand arrow from Dio as a gift. This arrow triggers Pucci's stand power and clarifies him as a Stand Users. After knowing Dio has researched the way to reach Heaven, Pucci plans to find Jotaro Kujo and reads his memories as the fact that he is the only one who read Dio's notes about reaching Heaven.

After finishing the final evolution of his stand, he comes up with his own theory about "reaching the Heaven". His final stand "Made in Heaven" has the ability to accelerate time. He thinks if he accelerates time infinitely, the universe will pass across a singularity point and resets into a new universe. In the new universe, all life forms' essences have experienced everything in their future during the process of time acceleration, and they will reborn in a new reincarnation while knowing their own fates because they have experienced the future. This new world is what Pucci defined as Heaven.


After touching the mysterious arrows he gets from Dio, Pucci becomes a Stand User. Stands are entities generated from people's life energy, each stand has a unique superpower, and people who have abilities to summon stands were called "Stand Users". Pucci's first stand is named Whitesnake. It appears like a man with white skin wearing a strange black headgear, with Nucleobase codes curved all over its body. The power of Whitesnake is to create "DISCs". Whitesnake is a long-range Stand, able to move in a large range of areas away from Pucci.

Powers of Whitesnake:

  • Create DISCs: Whitesnake can punch opponents' minds and transform them into DISCs. DISCs are avatars of people's minds and essences somehow forged into things that look like CDs under the influences of Whitesnake's power. There are two kinds of DISCs: memory DISCs and Stand DISCs. By looking at the surface of a memory DISC, Pucci can read this person's memories. By looking at the surface of a Stand DISC, Pucci can read this person's stand's memories. By inserting a Stand DISC inside a person's body, this person can use the Stand power of this DISC. However, this requires strong mental force, if the new user is not strong enough, this user will not be able to use the stand. People who lost their memory DISCs will fall into a coma, losing all memories and minds. They will die in a few days if they don't get their DISCs inserted back.
  • Mind Control: By creating a special DISC and inserts it in someone's head, this person will be mind-controlled by Pucci and follows all his orders.


After merging his body with "The Green Baby", Pucci gets a new Stand named "C-Moon". This stand looks like Whitesnake covers its shoulders and parts of its body with green armors. His eyes turn into red and strange, clown-type make-ups appears on its face. Only the top part of its chest appears Nucleobase codes curved on. This new stand has the power of reversing gravity, and it seems like losing Whitesnake's original power of creating DISCs.

Powers of C-Moon:

  • Reverse Gravity: C-Moon can reverse the gravity from his body as the central point. The effective range is a maximum of 3 kilometers. Pucci can reverse Gravity into any direction, such as turning Gravity upside down or reversing it in horizontal directions.
  • Surface Inversion: Due to its Gravity reverse ability, any opponent hits by C-Moon will flip inside-out. Although a second hit flips the opponent back to normal.

Made in Heaven

After being attacked by Jotaro Kujo during Time Stop, Pucci accidentally understands the essence of time and gravity by practicing moving in frozen time. His stand "C-Moon" also finishes its final evolution, evolved into the ultimate form: Made in Heaven. Made in Heaven is the final stage of Pucci's stand, it looks like a half-robot body with a pure white surface attached to the front half of a horse's body, with several clocks inserting in its surface. This stand is the Ultimate stand according to Dio's note and it's the key to reach Heaven.

Powers of Made in Heaven:

  • Time Acceleration: Made in Heaven can accelerate the time of the whole universe. While accelerating time, all life forms move by normal speed, only Pucci is able to move fast enough to catch up the accelerating time. In other words, how fast Pucci accelerates time, how fast he moves. This power makes Pucci able to move extremely fast when accelerating time, making him almost impossible to catch or hit. This time acceleration power seems no limits, he can even accelerate time into infinite speed, but continuously accelerating time makes Pucci tired.
  • Universe reset: According to Pucci's theory, when he accelerates time by infinite speed, the Universe will be destroyed and reborn into a new one. He wishes to create a Universe that every person knows him or her fates, and he considers this new world as Heaven. After he resets the Universe, people who live in the old Universe will reach the new universe, and people who die in the old Universe will be replaced by a new person.

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