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Enrico Maxwell's story is a sordid tale of fanaticism and pride that led a confused soul to the wrong path. He was abandoned at a young age due to his status as an illegitimate child in St. Ferdinand's, a small orphanage in the outskirts of Rome, where he met the also orphans Heinkel Wolfe and Yumie/Yumiko Takagi, while his caretaker was his future right-man and assassin, Alexander Anderson. He swore that as he grew up, he would become somebody important, who nobody could look down on. He lived to this promise, and eventually came to lead the Vatican's top secret black ops Section XIII-Iscariot. While devout in his faith, Enrico allowed his hubris and ego to cloud his judgment. In his meteoric rise to power, he became corrupt and unpleasant. However, he remained in the good graces of the Pope, and he was promoted to the rank of Bishop as he led Iscariot.

He even dared challenge Hellsing's leader, Sir Integra Hellsing, denigrating her even though her noble blood, excellent combat skills, unwavering faith, occult knowledge on vampires, and immense intelligence made her the ideal candidate for her spot as England's leader against the vampiric threat. Pig-headedly persisting on this behavior in their first meeting, he tried to force a confrontation between Alucard and Anderson before realizing the two would not be controllable in free combat. He was forced to back down and only the timely intervention of Seras Victoria and a group of Japanese tourists saved him from an international incident. His smarminess, however, would persist, by demanding Integra ask, with the utterance of  "please", for the Millennium dossier he was ordered to deliver to her anyway by the Pope.

Soon after, he interrogated a rogue priest who had once worked with the Major during WWII, and after the man confessed everything he knew, Maxwell revealed to him that he was aware of how he (the priest) had requested his transformation into a vampire to avoid the Vatican's forces. The priest begged for salvation from Maxwell, but he simply drew a cruel smile and gave him the Catholic Church's forgiveness as Heinkel Wolfe shot him from behind.

Maxwell led his organization with an iron fist, belitting his subordinates for his own mistakes. He anyway was promoted further to the rank of Archbishop and given command of the Christian armies assembled to destroy the vampire infestation of London. Maxwell abused this power rapidly, ordering his forces to kill countless innocent Protestants simply because he believed they were unworthy to be saved. Wishing to see the ensuing carnage himself, he rode into battle in a special reinforced tektite crystal chamber, suspended by a chopper, from where he barked orders.His plans fell apart, however, at two points. First, the Vatican's greatest anti-vampire warrior, Anderson, rebelled against Maxwell's orders to capture Integra, realizing Enrico was just fighting for himself. This led to a schism in the Iscariot forces, which hindered Maxwell's plans for a time. The second one was when the Vatican satellite lost contact with the H.M.S. Eagle Alucard piloted, when it immersed into a bank of fog. The mist reached the Thames, and Alucard crashed the warship in the midst of the battle between the Millennium and Christian armies, adding his own familiars to the fight. At this point, Maxwell lost control of his army and started randomly shouting orders, confusing his forces and leading to the destruction of the Vatican armies save for the remnants of Iscariot itself.

When his chopper was downed by a combo attack by the familiars Rip Van WInkle and Tubalcain Alhambra, Maxwell was entrenched in his tektite chamber, protected from the ferocious attacks of Alucard's familiars, until Anderson himself used one of his bayonets to pierce the chamber. Seized by the monstrous familiars, Maxwell was impaled upon a spike. Briefly mourning his old student, and lamenting his death had been so egregious and stupid (because of Maxwell's own ego and hubris) and that he had lived and died alone, Anderson then took Maxwell's communicator and ordered both Iscariot and the Crusade armies moved out of London as he walked to his final battle against Alucard.

The dark history of Maxwell's mysterious ascent to be the force behind Section XIII may have been chronicled in the pre-continuity extra feature crossfire, where he was seen directing his henchgirls Yumie Takagi and Heinkel Wolfe to first rescue a Christian relief camp from the clutches of Middle East terrorists, then to smash a crime ring who stole a massive amount of cash from a Germany church (Christmas offerings) and finally execute a cult leader in England. Here, he was portrayed with a different hairstyle, but overall his cruelty, smugness and self-serving habits remained constants from their mainstream counterparts, save for the fact he was not Iscariot's leader yet. His main worries during missions never lay with the girls, but rather with the possibility of having his own involvement somehow discovered or mission expenses, indicating his cowardly and pompous mindset was also basically the same.


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