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Enishi was Tomoe younger brother and they were both orphaned at a very young age. he was a smart boy, with raven black hair and a grudge on Tomoe's boyfriend, and soon to be husband, Kenshin. He hated him, as he was a Hitokiri, and in this era anyone that slew men like he did was considered a hero by his own side.

But Enishi didn't like Kenshin at all. He married Tomoe, and he didn't seem to treat her well. Enishi did a lot of work and tried to even get Tomoe to divorce him or run away, because he seemed to have a premonition that Kenshin was bad news, before Tomoe even started talking to him. But, Enishi also knew that Tomoe was only watching Kenshin...or at least he hoped.

Enishi, young and protective

The bad part was, she was actually in love with him, and the thing was, Enishi saw her as more than a sister, or a mother figure. She was his life, and he didn't want anyone to interfere with that. She was the reason he woke up n the morning, the reason that he didn't just run away when his parents died. Unfortunately, she didn't see him as such a figure. His worst fear was that Kenshin would take over her life, and that Tomoe wouldn't look over him anymore. He had decided that he wasn't going to let anyone hurt her, because he was too small to save his parents.

But, he didn't know what to do. He thought and thought about what to do for Tomoe, but when everything all came down to it, she seemed to want to die some how. Somehow, she seemed like she was ready to give in with life and never look at anyone and say she was sorry for leaving them. Enishi didn't realize his self centeredness before Tomoe died, and it took him 12 years to realize it afterwards. he was going to the crime lord that Tomoe was working under and had her look over the Hitokiri Kenshin. The battousai was a strange person, though, Enishi thought. At first, he seemed not to have any emotion, but then, he seemed to be able to care for anyone, and be able to help them out. But...his care wasn't enough for Tomoe. She was too much for anybody.

But this was the truth, Enishi had thought his whole life, that hadn't lasted very long. But it was...he insisted to himself.

He was going to tell Tomoe how much he loved her when he came upon the most despicable site he had ever laid his eyes on. Tomoe. Tomoe was dead, standing with her arms held out, blocking the crime lord from Kenshin's sakabatou. The problem being that the sakabatou was impaling her. The one that Tomoe had fallen in love with...the one that took her life. This was a a crime...a sin that Enishi would never let go by.

Enishi was hell bent on revenge. And he stopped at nothing.

Jinchu Arc


All grown up...too bad for Kenshin

Enishi went to China shortly after the death of his beloved Tomoe and went through the underworld there, and eventually, joined the mafia. This was where he got his weapons and his land, along with the revolutionary items at the time, such as the hot air balloon. This was how he lead an attack on Kenshin, by forming a group of people that wanted to kill him, for one reason or another.


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