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    History (Pre New World)

    The man who is simply known as the Enigma was a offspring of couple in the dead lands of Arizona. When he was born he was in some way deformed because of the reactions his fathe had. He already had supernatural powers, able to change the face of his father soon after birth. Which meant that the child already had a very matured mind, and in doing so by changing his fathers face he caused his scared an freighted mother to kill his father. Chasing his mother to a well where she dropped the young Enigma into a well she turned around with a shot gun and shot his father 22 times at point blank range. After his mother killed her husband the authorities soon arrived being alerted to the situation and she was placed in a Asylum and stayed for 25 years.

    In The Well

    The first moments within the well were terrifying for the young Enigma. He cried out for his mother who he thought as "God" for those days, reaching out for her with his small an tiny arms for her embrace. Only to be left alone within the hole that was the bottom of the well. Soon realizing what he could do he "created" friends by manipulating the lizards and creatures that lived within the well. Putting fragments of his own mind into these lizards an creatures he gave a few coherent thought so that they would be the messiah in some ways of their kind. Different from everything they were made to know. Using his powers he created his own little dark world beneath the dirt of the world up top, using his "friends" as food. Some of these creatures he manipulated acted on their own behavior an instincts and acted out against him by biting and clawing. He lived in this world of darkness an sorrow for 25 years before the "Sky opened" up and he was released from his prison.

    The New World (Prior to Meeting Michael)

    For 25 years all the Enigma knew was his own world, the walls that surrounded him within the well were what he was comfortable with. But then the sky tore open and the well was opened, during a exorcism on the house that his mother an father had built two unwitting men find the well and Enigma. His body was accustomed to the dark enviornment within the well and the moment the men dragged his body into the bright light of the "New World" above him he was blinded. Feeling as if he was reborn into this world he knew nothing of he saw it as a new world and that he had been cursed having to live with it. The men who had "rescued" him reported where he was and how he acted an soon Enigma was instatutionalized into an asylum, much like the one his mother was in. It hadn't been long at the asylum when the world he had been brought into began to irritate and disgust him. The last straw had been drawn and he had enough of this world and his prison and left the asylum, as he left the employees tried to stop him only to be stopped with his powers.

    Finding his way back to the well he entered it but was no longer able to stay within its walls as he knew their was a world above, one that disgusted him. Standing up he walked from the well and leaving making his way to Pacific City where he summoned his "food/ old friends" the lizards to his side. Realizing that these lizards were not like the ones in the well rather the ones that lived in the grime of the city he ate a few dozen of them in disgust, and after he was done with that he killed the rest with a flick of his wrist slaying all of them in one instant.

    Returning to Arizona once more he sensed his old house (the very same one that Michael had grown up in and the same one that was buried in an earthquake) and following his senses he found the hole that was left where his home was swallowed by the ground during the earthquake. It hadnt taken him long to make his way down the long tunnel that led to the home that was his but also Michael's. Finding Michaels old Enigma comics he found that he needed to make himself new, something that worked with his new world. And in the simplest way he thought "Why not make myself look like a superhero" and he did so. Changing his face and body to resemble that of the comic character the Enigma.

    While reading the Enigma comic he reached out to the world putting his minds in various minds around the world, turning normal and innocent humans into the super-villains of the comic he had adopted his look after. Turning the humans into the villains The Head, The Truth, Envelope Girl, and The Interior League thinking that if he was to become a super hero he would need his super-villains. Creating things that would unravel themselves so that each person he reached out to would later become the villains he needed for this absurd world he was creating.

    New World (Meeting Michael)

    First Encounter

    As Enigma made things happen so that he could manipulate the humans he had imprinted with parts of his mind a man by the name of Michael Smith was quite frankly having sex with his wife because it was tuesday. As Enigma sat in his room beneath the ground he found that his life was becoming boring but then one of his creations finally surfaced. The one known as The Head had began killing various people within Pacific City and the first we see is a cop named Bob. Enigma sends out red lizards to places and the Head follows and at this instance Bob had found the lizard and soon his brain was consumed by the Head (with a straw). As Bob was being consumed the red lizard began to float and took off out the window of Bobs apartment and as it flies Michael Smith sees it and steps from his car and follows the flying lizard. As he follows the lizard back to the apartment the head finds the Lizard but as soon as Michael enters the room the Head leaves floating away. After the Head leaves out the window Michael notices the lizard again and reaches for it as it flies out the window, as he finds the Enigma standing outside the window on the sill with the floating lizard hovering above his hand. As Michael calls out to Enigma he leaps off the windowsill down to the ground, not wanting to loose the Enigma he follows him. Something Enigma allowed as he was drawn to the location too wanting to watch his creation in ernest so that he can defeat him. As Michael comes around the corner following Enigma he finds not Enigma but The Head. The Head plunges his "Straw" into Michaels nose and just as he is about to drink his brain out the Enigma swoops in and grabs the Head by the head before caving his head in with his own bloodied fists.

    The Truth

    After being attacked by the Head Michael is sent to the hospital where he is in a coma. His wife comes to his side grieving that she doesnt want to pull the plug on him until the next day, wanting to spend one more day with her husband. As she sits by his bed she soon falls asleep and the moment she does, the Enigma appears next to Michaels bed staring at him. Almost entranced by him, elsewhere the second villain appears at a restaurant his name is The Truth. And he begins to slaughter people while he reveals the persons truth. Soon the Truth has unleashed a blood bath in the city killing more than sixty people. And his true identiy is soon revealed as Michaels neighbor, and they follow their leads to his home where they find The Truth and the bodies of countless men an women who he has shown the truth to. Soon Enigma arrives at the house and both get into a fight where both are getting the upper hand in the battle.

    Back at the hospital Michael wakes up from his coma screaming the Enigmas name out saying he is living in the spare bedroom(where Enigma now calls home.). As he wakes he tells his wife Sandra to get an old chest that he finds his old comics in The Enigma comics that Enigma himself is reproducing. Finding/Thinking that the "man" in the Enigma outfit is pretending to be him he knows what will happen next if he continues to fight The Truth....he will die.

    Back at the Truths home he soundly defeats Enigma, but for some reason leaves him and escapes allowing for his enemy to survive. After the fight Enigma returns to his home and broods wanting to wash away his defeat he slips under the covers, while the Truth continues his slaughter of the liars within our world. Finally after slaughtering countless people the Truth makes a stay at a church killing more. When suddenly the Enigma returns and almost seems stronger, Michael with a new friend Titus Bird stands outside in the beginning watching both the Truth and Enigma fight. Not wanting to stand an watch and wanting the truth of whats going on he barges past the barricades and into the church where the Truth snatches him up. Asking if Michael wants to know the truth of who he is he grabs him and shows him the truth. But when the Truth sees the real Truth of Michael he lets him go falling in pain of what he had witnessed deep within Michaels mind, and as he is huddled in pain Enigma comes up an grabbing him by the neck he snaps it. Ending the Truths reign of terror, as he drops the body of the Truth to the ground Michael just stares helplessly into Enigmas eyes. Enigma reaches out his hand an touches Michael in an almost loving way before disappearing.

    The Interior League and Envelope Girl


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