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    The Antimatter Universe Riddler, he's a powerful hero, who once resorted to vile methods to change his world. He now is trying to become his Earth's premier hero again.

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    Enigma is the secret identity behind which Edward Nashton of the Antimatter Universe lives. Once the superhero known as the Quizmaster, his entire family was slaughtered by the Crime Syndicate, and he was only able to save the soul of his daughter Stephanie, integrating it into a powerful engine with multiversal travel capabilities and many powerful options; she traveled with him often as his aide. In this state, he decided to attempt to recreate his family. He assaulted and consulted several supervillains and superheroes to ascertain the feasibility of using their technologies to do this; however, he found Doc Magnus and his Metal Marauders too cold, Rip Hunter desired sole control of the timestream, Lex Luthor had no options to help him, and Ra's al Ghul gave him perspective, asking him whether it was a kindness to allow their revival in such a world. Heeding al Ghul's advice, though not in the way the hero expected, he contacted Morgaine Le Fey in the positive matter universe and plotted with her to usurp the power of the Trinity to alter the multiverse by adding to their combined might the awesome power of the alien powerhouse Despero.

    He engineered the technomagical engines that stripped the Trinity of its influence and provided countless brainwashed technicians to run it. He also gave the Dark Trinity the means of creating enforcers with the Cosmic Egg through the creation of the Dreambound. Impersonating the Riddler, he manipulated countless Gotham criminals to steal the pieces he would need for the spell, leaving behind clues and a lead of angry people with the real Riddler, who himself would later stumble upon . He strongly opposed any plans involving the conquest of the antimatter Earth, as he desired to bring the changes himself, and forcefully expelled all Justice League members who had migrated there to rescue countless civilians from many worlds. Later, when the spell bore fruition, Enigma realized he had not acquired all of the power he could have in spite of acquiring a powerful shadow form and enhanced blessings, and plead with Morgaine to cease in her wanton destruction of Europe in favor of locating Despero, who, substituted by Kanjar Ro, was needed to complete the original spell and truly bestow godhood upon them. Nevertheless, as he grew dissatisfacted with Morgaine's behavior, he also started questioning whether his own actions were morally reprehensive and to what point. He located Konvikt, Xolitan Xor, as a replacement for Despero, who had been unaffected by the spell, and infused him with divine energies to fight the JSI.

    However, he unexpectedly engaged the Crime Syndicate, and, still raw from the deaths of his family, shunted them back to the antimatter universe. He came to blows with Morgaine because of this, and showed no remorse about his actions, in spite that they could have cost him whatever power he held. Ultimately, he nearly killed Morgaine when she went to Krona and offered her the Worldsoul in exchange for power, intending to replace it with the soul of Enigma's daughter. He was repulsed and sent back to the antimatter universe, where he recruited the Crime Syndicate against both their wills and took them to battle Krona in the positive universe. Enigma ended up nearly dying, but was saved when Stephanie merged with the Void Hound superweapon, taking them back to their home universe and allowing him to heal. Both were later shown trying to become the heroes of the antimatter Earth, without resorting to the methods of the Crime Syndicate.

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