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This is an Enigma alright.

Peter Milligan is one of those writers that makes you think.  There is a lot of poetry and metaphors in his personal work.  Enigma is one of those times.  The story itself is like Alan Moore's Watchmen with the idea of Superheroes in the real world, but that is the only comparison I'll make to Watchmen. As for the rest of the story it will mess with you like a good Peter Milligan story.  If you are not much of a Peter Milligan reader, then think of a more confusing, but equally as brilliant Grant Morrison.
Below the surface its a story about identity, I story about self-discovery and most of all The Truth verses the Enigma of life.  Peter Milligan uses characters so odd that they can only be living metahphors... Like The Head (which I believe is a symbol for what we learn in the world), The Truth (at times a villain, because the truth can hurt.), Envelop Girl (the mother, safe place within her), and so on... 
Michael Smith is the main character and its a normal guy we can relate to most of the story.  What makes this story hard for some people is the talk about sexuality, even today many grown men and women cannot talk about homosexuality. I personally had no problems with homoseuallity and think this series is brilliant for it.  Michael Smith is taken on an emotional trip of the word "Love".  The last chapter would be titled "Queer" and it is appropriate.  Queer to most people means gay, but it really means odd or usual. Straight or gay, most people are "queer" some how.  Heck 99% of Comicvine users won't read this review, that is queer for me to write for so small an audience. 
This series really is poetry.  It shows the ugly side of being human and the beautiful reasons to live.  If you want a read that is nothing like anything you ever read then hunt this book down, heck if you can find it only in singles, then get those.  This book can change your life if you want to be mature about it.
5/5 Stars
 - Silkcuts

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