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    Angie Spica is a member of The Authority and possesses a genius level intellect, she replaced her blood with liquid nano-technological robots and took on the name 'The Engineer'.

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    Angela Spica, most famously known as the Engineer was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. Her first appearance was in The Authority vol.1 #1 in 1999. Her first appearance as part of the DC universe was in Stormwatch #1 in 2011.


    Angela Spica
    Angela Spica

    Angela Spica, also known as the Engineer is the second to bear the name. The first one was a member of the Changers. This was a group of super powered beings led by the High, whose goal was to change the world into a paradise without the need of Authority. The Engineer used his abilities based in nanotechnology to help terraform the world. The plan eventually failed and the Engineer was one of the first people killed when Henry Bendix dropped a viral bomb on the group's base. During the process of dying, he sent all of his work notes to his coworker, Angela Spica.

    Angela was born in Queens, the youngest child out of seven children. She came from a working class family. She was obsessed with superheroes from a young age and it also soon became clear that she had a genius level intellect, capable of building circuit boards from a young age. She graduated university at the top of her class yet was surprised to find one of her associates in the anti-hero group known as the Changers. When she discovered than the Engineer had transferred all of his work on nano technology to Angie's home computer, Angie used this knowledge to distill enough nano-technological robots into a liquid machine form and injected herself with it, effectively replacing her blood. Soon after she joined the Authority and soon became close friends with Jenny Sparks.

    Character Evolution

    Wildstorm Universe

    Engineer (Wildstorm)
    Engineer (Wildstorm)

    As with many technology based character, Angela has struggled at times to find the right balance between the machines which she can create and the real people she must interact with. She has grown in her character though, and has proved strong enough a personality to lead Stormwatch.

    Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

    Engineer (Earth-0)
    Engineer (Earth-0)

    Within the rebooted DC Universe, many of the former Wildstorm properties still exist together, and specifically on Stormwatch. She has had to assume more of a leadership position, especially after Adam-One was shown to be increasingly unstable. She was first deployed to the Moon to aid Tanner, but was forced to flee after the caverns they were inside of started to crumble. This was as a result of the actions of the Scourge of Worlds. She is currently the leader of Stormwatch.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wildstorm Universe

    The Authority

    She became friends with Jenny Sparks after she used time travel and nano-surgery to save her from a gunshot wound in the year 1919. This was made possible by the carrier door mechanism. It was necessary to save jenny to avoid an Extinction Level Paradox which would destroy the world. Another case of time travel took her to her past. In high school she had been sexually assaulted by the school doctor, but this was revealed to be a plant by the present day Doctor so that she would be unable to combat him effectively.

    During the series 'Transfer of Power', Angela's liquid metal blood was taken from her and replaced with that of a HIV positive heroin addict, her memory was altered and she was given a low paid job at a shopping market, an abusive husband and six children. This storyline was brought to a close when Swift freed her and her 'copy' was killed by Apollo, she quickly transferred her Liquid Metal blood back to herself and launched an assault on the rest of the team 'copies'.

    Post-Flashpoint: Earth 0

    Eye of the Storm

    She assists the team as they are deployed to Earth to fight against a monster that has been thrown to Earth by the Scourge. She soon takes over as de facto leader of the team as they must deal with a reawakened ancient city. Afterwards they are forced into a chaotic situation when their headquarters, the Eye of the Storm rebels against its users with its Daemonite intelligence.

    Powers and Abilities


    The nanotechnology used by both Engineers allows them to create anything they want by reordering matter around themselves. Angela uses this ability primarily to create weapons in combat, but also to create duplicates of herself, create energy force fields and electrical storms, spread viruses (both biological and technological), grow organs, time travel and many other feats which seem to be bound only by her imagination and ingenuity. Her liquid metal skin also allows her to absorb a great deal of damage. The metal can also allow her to fly and can create replacement lungs for her to survive in hostile environments. It also holds the entire information reserves of the internet for her to access.

    Since her incorporation into the DC universe, she hasn't yet exhibited the full breadth of her previous abilities, but she has been shown to be able to power up Jack Hawksmoor's synapses as well as interfacing directly with the Eye of the Storm, which in some senses makes it an extension of herself.

    Other Versions

    The Wild Storm

    Angela Spica was the main character in the series The Wild Storm. Set in an universe where Skywatch and IO had operated in secret for decades, Angie was the first of a new wave of never discovered before post human, she being able to use secret technologies of IO and Skywatch


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