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    An armored super-criminal, three have donned the gear of the Enforcer.

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    Time of the Enforcer
    Time of the Enforcer

    Enforcer is the title used by several individuals who would assume the guise as super-villains in the DC Universe. The original Enforcer was named Daniel Kingdom, who fought Batman and Manhunter while working for the Council. Leroy Merkyn would be the next to don the suit while working as a mercenary for the 2000 Committee. He was paid by Henry Hewitt to battle the hero Firestorm. Following Merkyn's death, his successor was an assassin named Mica Love who later died with the Suicide Squad. The concept of the Enforcer was created by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson and the first appearance was in Detective Comics #443. (1974)


    Enforcer I (Daniel Kingdom) (First appearance Detective Comics #443)

    An Ex Green Beret and ninth degree Black Belt, Daniel Kingdom was originally a close friend of Batman. He later began working for the Council. He faked his own assassination using a clone, and adopted the costumed persona of Enforcer to fight Batman and Manhunter and help the Council achieve its goals.

    Enforcer II (Leroy Merkyn) (First appearance Fury of Firestorm #14)

    Mob thug Leroy Merkyn was hired by the super-villain Multiplex, while he was working for corporate head Henry Hewitt, and given a special armoured uniform. As the Enforcer, Merkyn captured Firestorm who ultimately escaped and captured Merkyn in turn. Hewitt, as the super powered Tokamak, then killed Merkyn in prison.

    Enforcer III (Mica Love) (First appearance Fury of Firestorm #14)

    Mica Love was an aide to Henry Hewitt, who was focused on capturing Firestorm and duplicating his powers. She was a hired mercenary and the second of such individuals to assume the guise of the Enforcer. Now taking on the title of the Enforcer she as well as her predecessor Leroy Merkyn, worked for the 2000 Committee under industrialist Hewitt. Hewitt than had Mica as the Enforcer attempt abduct U.S. senator Walter Reilly and his teenage daughter, Lorraine. She attacked the nuclear powered super-hero Firestorm, but was subsequently defeated.

    Mica's armor was confiscated, and she was placed in police custody. She was later given parole in return for joining the Suicide Squad as the Enforcer. As a member of the Suicide Squad she fought against Circe during the War of the Gods. She was sent specifically along with the other members of the Suicide Squad to collect intel from the island fortress of the sorceress Circe. Unfortunately, Mica was killed in combat against an Amazon opponent. Her Enforcer suit was not sufficient to deflect repeated blows form the Amazon's spear and she was impaled to death. She was among the many deceased heroes and villains entombed below the Hall of Justice.

    Mica's corpse remained entombed under the Hall of Justice until the event of all the spectrum of the Lanterns called Blackest Night. Mica has been brought back to life and risen as a corpse from the dead as a member of the Black Lantern Corps . As a chosen soldier of the Black Lantern Power ring she set forth to destroy Firestorm and his loved ones. However she was destroyed along with the other Black Lantern Corps and de-animated.

    New 52

    The Enforcer III, Mindboggler, Multiplex and Hyena are stopped by Cyborg while they battled local Pittsburgh officers.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mica Love, the third Enforcer
    Mica Love, the third Enforcer

    The Enforcer's armor is made of lightweight steel-hard fiber plastic body-armour. It is extremely durable to damage and can withstand a large impact with minimal damage. However the armor's durable nature was not meant to take repeated blows in focused spots and it could eventually be pierced.

    The body-armour also had built in batteries on the belt. It would continually recharge itself via its miniature nuclear power components.

    The body-armour also gives its wearer superhuman strength although to what degree was never tested or recorded. It is equipped with boot jets that enable the enforcer to fly for short distances.

    Weapons and Paraphernalia

    The Enforcer also wielded a pistol which fired short bursts of energy as blasts. It had a metal power cord running from the right side of the belt. This allowed the pistol to utilize the batteries on the belt as it would continually recharge itself via its miniature nuclear power components.


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