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Mike Nero's uncle Charles Delazny was the assassin known as Enforcer. Delazny would train and prepare his nephew to take over because he knew that this kind of business would eventually catch up to him and he had no heir to pass this on to so he provided valuable tools and advice to his nephew. Charles wanted his nephew to take every job possible especially the supernatural ones because that meant more money. He also told his nephew to never join any group or team because their would be too many chiefs in one tribe and a fat target on his back for the cops. Nero would take up the mantle of the new Enforcer after his uncle was killed by the Scourge.


Mike Nero was created by Frank Tieri and Antonio Fuso and first appeared in Dark Reign: Made Men #5.

Character Evolution

Nero has not reappeared since his debut although he received a small bio in Heroic Age: Villains where Steve Rogers assessed what sort of a threat Nero posed and what the appropriate response would be.

Major Story Arcs

Dark Reign

The Wrecking Crew would pick up Nero at a cemetary in the Bronx after he killed a zombie and take him to meet the Hood and the rest of the Masters of Evil. The Hood was very impressed with Nero's work and wanted him to join the Masters because he needed a supernatural expert on his team. Nero told the Hood that he may be able to help him and wanted him to take a look at an amulet he stole from the Aztec exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Nero chanted the words "maka hamu slama gresh!" and the amulet transformed into a small creature that feeds off demonic energy. Nero grabbed his pistols and shot Bulldozer and Thunderball with magic bullets. Nero told the Hood that he would use his knowledge of the supernatural against him and escaped.


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