Enforcer (Delazny)

    Character » Enforcer (Delazny) appears in 36 issues.

    A criminal mercenary and assassin for hire, operating mainly on the West Coast of the United States. He was killed by the Scourge.

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    The original Enforcer was a man named Charles L. Delazny Jr. who was the son of the head of Delazny Studios. Hoping to follow in his father's footsteps, Charles Delazny Jr. enrolled in the University of Southern California film school only to become involved heavily in the dealing of narcotics. Charles would eventually drop out of school and pursue a career in crime. The young Delazny used money advanced to him from a previous assignment to hire an elderly scientist named Ignatz Goldman to create a bulletproof costume. Wearing this outfit, Delazny became known as the Enforcer. He then hired the Gladiator to retrieve a disintegration ray generator that was stolen by the original Eel. The Enforcer himself stole the device from the Eel, who was then murdered by Gladiator. The Enforcer brought the device back to Goldman where he created a miniaturized version in the form of a medallion to be used as a weapon.


    The Enforcer was created by Gerry Conway, Don Glut and Don Heck in 1977 and first appeared in Ghost Rider #22.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Enforcer and some members of his criminal organization attacked the San Diego Naval Yards and came into conflict with Ghost Rider. The Enforcer managed to escape and would hire the Water Wizard to kill Ghost Rider. However both criminals failed to kill Ghost Rider and were defeated. The Enforcer was hired by a group of corrupt Los Angeles businessmen called the Committee and was outfitted with specially modified automatic pistols to take place of his disintegrator ring he no longer possessed. His assignment was to silence a writer named Buck Cowan who was about to expose the Committee's criminal activities to the police. The Enforcer would clash with the werewolf Jack Russel and the original Spider Woman on this mission. Spider Woman would defeat the Enforcer and Delazny was sent to prison. The Enforcer would escape and attempt a series of major thefts but was finally defeated by both Spider Woman and Spider Man. The Enforcer was again imprisoned but was soon at large. He was hired by criminal gamblers to kill champion motorcyclist Flagg Fargo. The Enforcer would clash with

    Death of the first Enforcer
    Death of the first Enforcer

    Ghost Rider again during this mission. Ghost Rider forced the Enforcer's getaway car off the road and into a large body of water. The Enforcer survived the crash and escaped. Obadiah Stane would hire the Enforcer to eliminate a criminal called the Termite for failing a mission. However the Enforcer was killed outside his hotel room by the Scourge of the Underworld who was disguised as a bag lady.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Enforcer was a fine marksman with handguns and a fair hand-to-hand combatant. The Enforcer possesses some knowledge of the supernatural and magic but to what extent is unknown. He can fire magic bullets from his pistols which can harm super human beings.

    The Enforcer wore a steel-mesh body-suit and his steel face mask had infrared image amplifiers that enabled him to see in the dark. His reinforced vest was covered with silver nitrate to protect him from attacks from supernatural creatures such as werewolves and vampires who are repelled by silver. He also carried two specially modified .45 calibur pistols which had special ammunition clips containing various toxic substances. Among his regularly used projectiles were tranquilizer pellets, incendiary "pyrogranulate" capsules which ignited upon impact, silver bullets and a special substance called "the tingler" which created a metabolic reaction in its victims that caused them to burst in flames when activated. The Enforcer once wore a powerful disintegration ray projector in a medallion and in a ring form. His ring was capable of completely disintegrating a garage, for instance, in a single beam. The new Enforcer also carries various weapons and trinkets to battle the supernatural which include amulets, magical bullets, stakes, voodoo dolls and crosses.


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