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    Eneru is the self proclaimed god of Skypiea. He can control, project and become lightning. His Devil Fruit powers make him the physical menifestation of lightning itself.

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    Eneru has a God complex that causes him to believe that he is as important as a real deity, which causes him to act in a rather selfish and carefree way. After consuming the Devil Fruit that gave him his powers, he defeated the previous ruler of Skypiea in combat and took control of the throne. As the king of Skypiea, he lives in a grand palace where he spends his days eating and sleeping, while being waited on by dozens of women. Because he ses himself as god of his people, he kills anyone who speaks out against him. He uses his natural ability to harness mantra power to aid him in this, sensing the bioelectric impulses in another brains to tell if they are plotting against him.

    However, Eneru's reign was threatened by

    Monkey D. Luffy

    and his band of pirates. Luffy's rubber-like body was immune to Eneru's electrical blasts, because rubber is a natural insulator against electricity. Forced to finally take a fight seriously, Eneru used his powers to superheat a gold staff, and wrapped Luffy's arm in gold. However, Luffy tried to hit Eneru with his arm, but Eneru tossed him over the side of his ship. Luffy managed to grab onto a solid cloud, using the momentum to rebound back at Eneru, hitting him even while he was in his electric form.

    After being bested in combat, Eneru decided to leave Skypiea, setting out on his ship, the Maxim, to a place called the Fairy Veath. The Fairy Veath was supposedly the home of Eneru's ancestors. He then left the kingdom of Skypiea for the Veath, which he believed to be on the moon.

    His most recent appearance sees Eneru reaching the Veath, only to find it deserted. He explores a crater, and finds a robot like alien. He shocks it out of curiosity, and it comes to life and introduces itself as a Spacy, a race of robots that were powered down long ago. The Spacy and Eneru's conversation is interrupted by a massive explosion in the distance. Horrified at the thought of someone destroying his new kingdom, Eneru runs over to the site of the blast. There, he finds a Space Pirate trying to mine the moon using explosives. The Pirate stabs Eneru through his chest with a spear, but Eneru is unharmed due to his ability. He retaliates by electrocuting the Pirate and his fellows. The Spacy that Eneru revived comes to thank him, but Eneru brushes him off and goes to explore a city on the other side of the crater. The city appeared to be decaying and empty, but Eneru has an idea and shocks the entire city. Many Spacy robots come out of their sleep and thank Eneru for restoring them. They take Eneru to their cities palace, where Eneru is amazed to find sculptures that seem to have been made by his ancestors, the Bilkans. He was then asked by the Spacy people to be their new king. Eneru happily agreed, establishing a new empire on the moon.


    Eneru is a Bilkian, and he has a natural ability to sense others thoughts and tell if they are lying. This ability called mantra is enchanced by the Devil Fruit to the point, he can read the thought and hear the conversations of everyone in Skypiea effortlessly and has earned a degree of ominisciency.

    Eneru can further use this ability in combat to predict the movement of his opponent. However, he is not able to predict random movements as shown when luffy bounced his fist off the wall above Eneru. As Luffy was not sure where his punch would land, neither was Eneru able to predict and dodge the punch.

    Eneru has eaten a Devil Fruit, the Rumble-Rumble Fruit (Goro Goro no Mi). It gives him the ability to control and project lightning at will. As a logia type Devil Fruit user, Enel has the ability to become intengible, in the form of electricity. In his electric form, normal attacks pass right through him. Also, even after being caught off guard and killed by an attacker, he restarts his heart with an electrical impulse, coming back to life. He does not need air to survive, and can live outside of the atmosphere, as shown when he functions quite well on the moon. He can power devices with his body, as shown when he restarts the Spacys and powers his ship.

    Enel can project massive amounts of electricity without effort. This feat is witnessed countless times during the fight with Luffy where he discharges up to 200 million walts of electricity. He can also produce temperatures up to 6000 degrees as a byproduct of lightning. Eneru being physical lightning, can use this ability to shape his weapon to one of choice and heat it accordingly. He himself has shown no effect of this heat as he used the weapon in combat against Luffy without it harming him while Luffys skin burned simply from touching it.

    Eneru has shown himself to be in very good physical condition, as he is able to shrug off painful blows that would cripple a normal person. He is very agile, and often does one handed backflips to show off. He is a skilled combatant, and can even face the likes of Luffy to a near standstill.

    He has a great intelligence, and shows expertise in electrical physics, understanding conductivity and insulators, utilizing this knowledge to his advantage. He knows how to repair his ship when it was destroyed, and seems to have studied his ancestors extensively, talking about their art and literature with the Spacys.


    His favorite food are apples, as shown in his palace in Skypiea where he eats many of them a day. In One Piece Grand Battle Rush!, his taunt is to eat an apple.

    Writers have comfirmed that if he was to take his hat off, his hair would be curly.

    His looks match his god complex; his long earlobes rest over his chest much like Buddha, and his favorite pose is reclining on his side, much like Buddha statues.


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