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In the early 1940s Delores Winters was a rising star on the silver screen but she also had sexual indiscretions in order to get leading roles. During one of these night stands, Winters became pregnant and chose to give up her daughter for adoption. She was later kidnapped by the Ultra-Humanite for the purpose of a body swap. The Humanite's partner in crime was Dr. Marten, a gifted neurosurgeon who was given the task of placing the Humanite's brain into Winter's head.

For a time, the Ultra-Humanite grew accustomed to his feminine demeanor and tried to take on Superman as well as the All Star Squadron. Unfortunately, in 1948, the Humanite suffered a near fatal brain hemorrhage brought on by a tumor and was admitted to Our Lady of Snows' General Hospital by Dr. Marten. Fortunately, Per Degaton and Despero decided to save the Humanite by performing another brain swap.

Degaton and Despero time traveled to present day Gorilla City because an albino ape was born and the gorillas took it as a sign to rejoice. The two Time Masters stole the baby gorilla and used their advancements in time travel to cause the baby gorilla to age from infancy to maturity. They brought the gorilla back to past and had Dr. Marten transplant the Humanite's brain from Delores' body into the albino ape. The operation was a success and the Ultra-Humanite became the latest member of the Time Masters.

As for Dr. Marten, he had secretly kept Delores' brain preserved in the likely event the Humanite would discard Delores' body for another. Marten tried to reconnect Delores' mind with her body but to no avail. Marten had to act quickly so he took Winters' brain to the morgue and placed Winter's mind inside the body of a girl who committed suicide. Dr. Marten's devotion to Winters' preservation derived from him falling in love with Winters' cinematic persona . Unfortunately, Winters was not grateful, she demanded a prettier body.

Overtime, Delores became intimate with reconstructive surgery so she orders Doctor Marten to locate and abduct her daughter. Marten transplants Delores' brain into her daughter's body and her daughter's brain was cast aside yet again but this time, she was left to die. Dr. Marten was disgusted by Winters' vain cruelty but his credibility as a surgeon would be exposed by Winters should he chose to leave her.

Winters continued to have cosmetic surgeries as she lived a life of ease and wealth but her daughter's body still continued to age. Winters decided to target someone that has a body that isn't effected by age. Winters pays Warp, the transporting thief, to kidnap Icemaiden and orders Doctor Marten to conduct the surgery. Delores now, had a dense but beautiful alabaster skin and since Dr. Marten outlived his usefulness, she had him killed but not before he preserved Icemaiden's body in a hydration tank and informed S.T.A.R. Labs of the tank's location.

Skin Trade

Doctor Mid-Nite is called in by Dr. Klyburn who has had several metahumans admitted to her facility for . Delores now going under the alias Endless Winter, becomes the owner and operator of a spa/clinic that specialized in cosmetic surgeries. Delores' benefactor was Roulette because Roulette wanted fighters that were augmented by Winters' s meta human surgery. Winters' clinic was later infiltrated by Dr. Mid-Nite, he allows himself to get captured so his tracking device will guide his JSA members to Winters' clinic/ spa. Winters' base of operations was destroyed by Delores' anger. Her agitated state caused by the JSA unleashes her untapped powers that she gained from Icemaiden's body. Ice began to form all around Winters thus destroying the clinic and entombing her in an ice casket.

However , Delores escapes her icy confines thanks to Prometheus. Delores travels to Gotham and attacks Batwoman but Batwoman defeats Delores when she has her boot pinned to Winters' throat. Unfortunately, Delores’ body begins to twitch erratically and she dies from an unknown cause. Her corpse is taken to the Justice League Watchtower and it is revealed by Ray Palmer, who performed the autopsy, that Winters had been forced by Prometheus to attack Batwoman in order to distract her from his true goal. When she outlived her usefulness, Prometheus activated a microchip in her brain which short circuited mind.


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