Enchantress or Freya?

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Is Amora the Enchantress a stand-in for Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, sex and war? Because I noticed some similarities between the character and the myth and drew my conclusion during Thor Reign of Blood when they desired a necklace from some dwarves and had to do some... unpleasant things to acquire them.

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I'd like to know if Amora and Freya are the same person in the Thor comics?

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Different characters, but I don't doubt that Enchantress is inspired heavily by Freya. Oh and inspired by her traditional stories. Freya appears very little, which is sad since she is one of my fav Norse characters. 

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Like what SC said but she's a mixture of other goddesses as well.

But in Thor Reign of Blood, it was her past life during that time since they have a cycle.

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Ive often wondered this myself. What I discovered is that Idunn's aliases are Freya and Freia. Idunn is the lady that collects the apples. It seems that on CV they make them the same person while in the Marvel Handbook they are separate.

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