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June Moon, a normal teenage girl, was in the Terror Castle when she found a secret passage into a room that held a demon named Dzamor. Dzamor told June Moon that she was going to be his mystical defender of justice, ridding the world of all its evil. With the word "Enchantress", June would transform into a powerful witch with the potential for massive magical abilities. Dzamor informed June that when a certain astronomical alignment with the Moon occurred, the Enchantress would gain the necessary power to accomplish her goal. Unfortunately, Supergirl had to move the moon on one of her many capers, so the event never occurred for the Enchantress.

Exhibiting her power
Exhibiting her power

This caused the Enchantress to snap and go mad, leading a life of evil. She was eventually jailed and offered a chance to join the Suicide Squad, which she accepted. June Moon wanted the Enchantress personality to leave her because it was slowly corrupting her normal life and she felt that the Suicide Squad had the resources to help her out. It's worth noting that the Enchantress has held a position of misandry, a deep hate of men. It was eventually revealed that the Enchantress was actually a being called the Succubus, and was related to the Incubus, the brother of her teammate Nightshade. Nightshade was originally meant to inherit the Succubus persona, but Dhazmor tried to make the Succubus a force for good and gave it to June Moon that fateful night in Terror Castle. Nightshade finally inherited the Succubus, leaving June Moon without the Enchantress. Finally losing that evil side of her, June felt only misery. She did not want to really give up that power and even made an attempt on Nightshade's life to get the power back,shooting her with a stolen gun in Belle Reeve.

However, June Moon had the Enchantress power all along. Eventually, the Enchantress part of June Moon was exorcised and killed by Sebastian Faust. However, she never really died and was transformed into a being called Anita Soulfeeda, a succubus who was working on Earth. When Anita Soulfeeda was revealed to be the Enchantress, she merged with June Moon, becoming a figure named Soulsinger. Soulsinger faded, leaving a benevolent Enchantress behind.

When the Spectre and Eclipso went on a murderous rampaging, killing all magic users due to their being heretics to his god, the Enchantress and members of the Sentinels of Magic joined the team of Shadowpact to stop him. Enchantress was first seen in the woods under tress. She was found by Ragman, whom she summoned. In the Oblivion Bar, Ragman and Enchantress attempt to form a group willing to fight the Spectre. Enchantress is then seen in a back room in the Oblivion Bar, using a spell to get into Eclipso's mind and succeeds. Enchantress then goes back to the mist woods to follow Spectre's magic trail. Enchantress then say we came what she was looking for and it was time to go. She pulls Ragman aside, she tries to give him a gun that was specially enchanted to go through all her defenses. Enchantress says that if she process to much magic to fast she will turn evil and she needs someone who will put her down. Ragman says no and kisses her. She tells him never to do that again or else. She then tells everyone else he kissed her. They teleport to the fight with Spectre and Captain Marvel. While everyone is fighting Eclipso, Enchantress is hacking into the magic stream which Captain Marvel gets his powers and adds her own hoping to keep him alive longer. The Blue Devil then gives her the idea to tap into magic people all over the world and give their power to Captain Marvel and so she does and succeeds. She then turns evil from all the magic and fights Swordsman and Ragman until Blue Devil comes and punches her. Enchantress then with the others are in the Oblivion bar. When Chimp brings Lori Enchantress asks what can she do that she cant sensing no magic in her. She also tells everyone that she wouldn't be able to do that again because the next time Spectre will look for it and cut the stream of energy to Captain Marvel.

After that adventure, Enchantress and Shadowpact are called by Phantom Stranger to a town which is trapped in a bubble of blood.

New 52

Enchantress gone mad
Enchantress gone mad

Following the reality warping event Flashpoint, June Moon is left shattered. Wandering around in her June Moon form reciting broken nursery rhymes as duplicates of her are killed in accidents. The Enchantress aspect of her creates a sanctuary inside a magic envelope housed in a remote farmhouse, from where she causes general chaos in neighboring towns. The Justice League attempts to stop her, but is defeated by magical crooked witches' teeth. Madame Xanadu attempts to form a group that can stop her.

Madame Xanadu gathers Deadman, Shade, Zatanna, and John Constantine to defeat Enchantress after June Moon, her "good half" escapes her. Enchantress becomes an evil, twisted version of herself and creates madness all over the planet attempting to get June Moon back.

She tracks down Deadman, who has become determined to help June escape. They eventually hold up at a gas station against evil June Moon copies attempting to get her back. Shade appears with a portal for Deadman. Deadman jumps in, but realizes June cannot follow because the portal was designed specifically for Deadman.

June is cornered when John Constantine finds her outside the gas station. John reveals the strange words running through June's mind is actually a fragmented spell; the spell Madame Xanadu used to seperate June Moon from the enchantress to bring the team together. Constantine speaks the entire spell, sending June back to the Enchantress and returning her to normal, much to anger of Deadman.


The Enchantress
The Enchantress

When June Moon says the word "Enchantess", she turns into the Enchantress, her physical appearance and personality changing drastically, much like Captain Marvel when he shouts "Shazam". The Enchantress is a highly-skilled sorceress. She has been able to use her magic for varying results. Some of the applications she has used with her magic have included teleportation, healing, telepathy, controlling fire and the other elements, and flying. She also has a degree of super strength, resistance to injury and fast reflexes, well beyond that of a normal human being. She has been seen healing from broken bones in minutes. She is also very adept with sensing magic and following it. She can also access another person's magic.

In the New 52 incarnation, her magic was said as being so powerful that not even Zatanna's magic could phase her.

Alternate Versions

In the Flash altered universe of Flashpoint, the Enchantress is an Amazonian sympathizer during the Atlantean-Amazonian war that overtakes Europe. She manipulates the Secret Seven into killing themselves, and directly manipulates Shade, becoming his lover. When her ruse is found out, she attacks and kills Seven members Raven and Zatanna and condemns Shade into the Madness Zone. During the final battle, she changes Captain Thunder back into his components, and kills Billy Batson. Following this, she is killed by Superman as he arrives in the battle, landing on her.



Suicide Squad (2016)

Cara Delevigne as Enchantress in Suicide Squad
Cara Delevigne as Enchantress in Suicide Squad

Enchantress is set to appear in Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer and is to be portrayed by Cara Delevingne.


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Enchantress in  Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Enchantress in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Enchantress appears briefly as part of Shade's Secret Seven. She declines to help Cyborg and is not since after that.

DC Super Hero Girls

Mrs. Moone in DC Super Hero Girls
Mrs. Moone in DC Super Hero Girls

Mrs. Moone is an art professor in the school. She debuts in Season 3, Episode 8 "For Art's Sake".

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