Enchanted Dagger

    Character » Enchanted Dagger appears in 10 issues.

    Battling thugs using guns with only a magic knife that he wasn't sure of all it could do.

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    Having been told most of his life by his now deceased father that he has an inheritance in the form of an enchanted dagger waiting for him in the jungle Roger Chalmers goes looking for it. After rescuing a native witchdoctor who was being tortured by other outsiders looking for the dagger he finds that the native was the one who had been saved from a wild animal years before by his father and promised the dagger, giving the item to Roger he dies unfortunately however before he can tell him what it does.

    Back in America, despite him not knowing what, if anything, the enchanted dagger does, Roger takes out after gangsters hoping he will find though trial and error. Before long Roger discovers that if the dagger is thrown at, and lodges into something near one or more people they are instantly paralyzed and put under his hypnotic command, while at the same time anyone standing near him when he possesses it are compelled to tell him the truth. This encourages him to not only continue fighting crime, but to start doing so in a mask and costume while calling himself The Enchanted Dagger. The last attribute of the enchanted dagger is that it can not harm him, even if driven into his heart.


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