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    A Superman villainess who can use magic thanks to her Mists of Ibella. She was known for selling fake kryptonite to various villains of the world.

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    Lourdes Lucero's father spent his life looking for the mystical "Mists of Ibella", but when he found them he was driven insane. Fighting to resist succumbing to the power of the mists, on his deathbed he charged Lourdes with destroying them to protect their family. However, Lourdes felt no need to resist the mists and took their container from her father on his deathbed, using their powers to become the Encantadora.

    Major Story Arcs

    As the Encantadora, Lourdes sells fake Kryptonite to several villains, such as the Riddler. When they find out about her deception, they seek revenge on her, but she is rescued by Superman. Encantadora gives Clark a kiss and is sent to jail, but escapes with the Mists by making one of the guards fall in love with her.

    Lourdes appears later while Christmas shopping, followed by two man under her influence. She comments to them that if they keep "attentive" she would let them see her try on her present from a lingerie shop.

    In a fight with Etrigan, while trying to help Superman her mists are stolen. Etrigan immediately uses them to make people to face their inner demons. Superman quells the disturbance and Encantadora is apparently left powerless. Wanting to warm her Superman gives her his cape, at which she abruptly teleports away with the perfect Christmas present for her brother who is a huge fan of Superman.

    When Encantadora kissed Superman, she passed a single Nano-bot into his body. The nano-bot starts to systematically destroy his cells, slowly killing him cell by cell. The Encantadora finds her conscience bothering her, however, and she warns Lois Lane who seeks help could be found to save Superman.

    When the villain Ra's al Ghul kidnaps her brother Victor, he threatens to kill him unless she uses the Mists of Ibella to infuse the Lazarus Pits with her power. Superman and Talia Head intervene and reunite Encantadora with her brother. Superman brings her to the authorities and she vows that she will turn over a new leaf. Superman takes the necklace containing her mists and flies away. Mid-flight the mists vanish from his grasp and, realizing what Lourdes did, he wishes her the best of luck on her second chance.


    With the Mists, Encantadora can use magic and teleport. Although she has one of the most powerful, magical artifacts known to man, she has stated that she knows very little about the Mists' source, capabilities, and limits (in fact,Etrigan had a bigger control over the mists than she). Encantadora keeps the Mists on a necklace that she wears.

    Although she seems to be nearly powerless with the Mists, she has harnessed some of the It's power, and can teleport at will, without having the the Mists in her possession. Although it is not understood how far her powers can stretch, she almost killed Superman, by releasing a nano-bot into his body, that slowly destroyed his cells (resulting in the death of the villain Parasite). One of her most special powers is pheromone secretion that causes men to fall in love with her,obeing her commands. Another special ability granted to her by the Mists of Ibella, is the ability to manipulate people's perception of reality. Using this power she caused Superman to believe he was being affected by fake Kryptonite despite that fact that he knew it was fake.


    She is known to have a very sensual personality, flirting with Superman in the majority of their encounters and frequently referring to him as her "novio" ("boyfriend" in Spanish).


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