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Jonathan Chambers was an energy vampire with a unique gift. He was able to absorb any physical or emotional pain from all living beings on Earth, and redirect it as plasma-elemental concussive force from his hands. However, this did him precious little good if the pain experienced were on the opposite side of the globe. He longed for immense power, so he utilized his substantial financial resources to purchase and build an island sanctuary for those infected with the Legacy Virus. Surrounded by a smorgasbord of intense pain, his power reserves were constantly filled to the brim. Few were able to stand up to him with such fodder for his insatiable appetite. He presented justification for his drainage by stating that in return for their energy, the infected mutants would die in peace, sound of body and mind, and above all, in the company of those whom were able to understand what it was like to be a mutant, and dying of the then thought incurable, disease. Needless to say the X-Men, including but not limited to Cyclops, were not convinced.

Empyrean is currently M.I.A. and it is unknown if he retained his powers post M-Day.

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