Character » Empyrean appears in 6 issues.

    Lives in a space station type craft, the supposed persecutor of Landfall, but actually that parts a ruse. He was only a danger when Jack could no longer stop him from trying to kill Deirdre.

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    Rumors had it, from even the mouth of the King of Landfall that Empyrean had been terrorizing their kingdom and demanding money and virgins for his own perverted pleasures. With Deirdre's help and training, Jack Frost was getting rallied for a big battle against this monstrous tyrant. However, when he did eventually meet up with him, he was shocked to see there was nothing threatening at all about this gigantic creature. He had chosen to live in solitude and knew nothing about the crimes he had been accused of. He then explained that his station could provide him with whatever he needed or choose. Then added that he had no use for virgin girls, he preferred women with experience.

    He delightfully recalled a witch he knew (Deirdre) but it ended badly. To which Deirdre angrily made her presence known by shouting that her out of the airlock. This engraged Empyrean and angrily reminded her that he'd break her in to if she had ever come back to him. Hinting that she was either very unfaithful to him or she used him too once. Much to Jack's shock he realized he was used for a domestic dispute, Deirdre's personal vendetta on her old lover. Although Jack didn't wish to kill Empyrean, he cut his head off to protect Deirdre. But he regretted being used and stated to Deirdre to never speak to him again.

    His death wasn't in total vein. With the new information told to him, Jack confronted the king and discovered he had been stealing gold and had sold the maidens into slavery.


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