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History: Little is known of the Gen-Active aliased Empty other than the fact that he is a member of the team of known gen-active maniacs and transients known as Twist. Empty made his presence known after murdering an Asian business couple but demanded he'd surrender to police if video taped by the media in process to reveal his abilities of invisibility and sensory disruption abilities. Upon being filmed into a police car with handcuffs, Empty would become invisible on TV to escape law enforcement.

The Deviant leader Ivana Baiul would learn of this incidence within the DV8 headquarters alongside Sideways Bob, Freestyle, Sublime, Evo, and Bliss after the teams latter breakdowns in their last mission. Believing Empty to be a valuable asset or experimental study for the Deviant team, DV8 would assemble to locate Empty within the confides of Empty's last whereabouts until the Twist team, lead by Texas and Candielion, end up kidnapping and ambushing the team leaving Evo to have difficulty seeing or sensing Empty after the abduction of his team mates. In a latter consequence of surrender, Evo would later bluff the lives of his team in an effort to overtake the Twist since their last battle with a percentage of the original Twist members dead. Candielion would fall by Evo's wolf-form after Texas would be defeated in the battle as well. Empty, despite his powers of invisibility and sensory manipulation, would end up running away from the battle signifying the end of Twist. Empty has not been seen or recorded as of since.

Powers/Abilities: Empty is a gen-active of sociopathic tendencies with the ability to become invisible in body, clothes and emit energy signals to become odorless, soundless, and near undetectable to hyper-sensitive meta-humans and possible psychics. He is proficient in escaping from handcuffs, possesses some self-defense abilities, and an experienced criminal.

Notes: Empty has not been presented in the media since Wildstorm merged to DC comics and folded by the end of 2010.

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