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    Character » Empty Hand appears in 16 issues.

    Powerful and malevolent force behind the Gentry, Nix Uotan's corruption, the release of Darkseid from his tomb, and the massacre and subsequent revival of Earth-42's heroes. True identity and goals unknown.

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    Empty is thy hand.

    The Empty Hand is a magic force which is symbolic in the DC Universe as having to do with creation, popping up when Krona originally saw the origin of the Universe, the battle between Spectre and Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Alexander Luthor in Infinite Crisis, and now Multiversity where it appears to be the main villain behind the Gentry's attack.

    Master of the Gentry, the Empty Hand masterminded the utter destruction of the laws of physics and the residents of Earth-7 where he now resides and created robotic servants in the Lil' Leaguers of Earth-42 to spy on the heroes of the DC Multiverse. When confronted by heroes of the newly formed Justice Incarnate, the Empty Hand explained that The Gentry's incursion into the Multiverse was simply to conduct an initial assessment of the heroes strength and to construct the Oblivion Machine that will ultimately bring an end to the never ending story. He also states that his legions feed on the carcass of a previous victim he calls Multiverse-2 and then sends the heroes away.

    "The real big bad guy at the end - he looks like the Ultra Comics character, but he's also the reader. The empty hand of the reader when he puts the comic down and everything ends. But like the bad guy, he can also come back in full force and say, "You'll meet me again."- Grant Morrison on the Empty Hand


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