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Some of the known Empties from the province of Polyhex included Wheezel, Telus, and Rotorbolt.

Marvel Comics

The Decepticons, under the leadership of Straxus, had little regard for any Transformers that were not useful in advancing the Decepticon cause. Those deemed burdensome to the dwindling fuel supply were targeted for recycling into raw materials in the smelting pool. The Empties were high on that list.

Marvel UK

The Predacons often hunted Empties to practice their skills.

Dreamwave Productions

Trip-Up called the Race Track Patrol a bunch of Empties when he and his team bumped into them in the Wastelands.

Starscream compared Skywarp's and Thundercracker's involuntary inactivity to the lazy behavior of Empties.

IDW Publishing

The Empties are used by the Decepticons as scrap material to construct their Arenas. Mixmaster uses his alt-mode to melt them down into other usable materials. Wheezel was one such Empty.


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