Empire of Tears

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    Eons ago, the Empire of Tears reigned over three galaxies with the use of dark magic.

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    Eons ago, when magic held prominence in the universe, the Empire of Tears spanned three galaxies. The deathless demons were pure evil, unchallenged in their might until the elders of Oa decided science should prevail and sought to rid the starways of magic.

    The Sorcerers of Jhes'lesh, the Yattering Tower of Phuul, the Shamans of Ushmiel all fell before the Guardians of the Universe. The last threat to be dealt with was the Empire of Tears. They too were driven back by the Guardians. The last and most vicious battle was fought on the throneworld of Ysmault. There the demons tortured those Oans found weak of will with horrors unimaginable. Only the strongest of the Guardians survived the ordeal.

    As the smoke of battle cleared, however, the Guardians emerged victorious. The demons were chained but not eradicated. Their planet was considered forbidden territory by the Guardians. The minds of the demons remained entombed on Ysmault for all eternity. Though they did not eradicate all magic, the Guardians were largely successful in their designs.


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