Ignatius Ogilvy

    Character » Ignatius Ogilvy appears in 62 issues.

    Former Gotham street thug who eventually became the Penguin's right hand man, with aspirations of his own.

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    Ogilvy's father was a henchman of a gangster in Gotham City, who was murdered in front of him after they left the movie theater. He was recruited into the Penguin's crew when he was a teenager, just off the streets, trying to make a name for himself. He quickly rose up through the ranks, from look-out all the way up to Penguin's right hand man.


    Ogilvy was created by Detective Comics writer John Layman.

    Major Story Arcs

    IQ Test

    Back up story in: Detective Comics #13

    While pulling a robbery with Martin from Miami, Ogilvy explains to Martin that in Gotham every criminal meets Batman at some point. While committing the break in, Ogilvy explains the time when he first meet the Batman, he was given a warning, but didn't heed it. Ogilvy then recounts the several other times he and Batman crossed paths. Then after Ogilvy steals codes for the Rink System 7 Remote Alarms Trigger Sequences and Martin steals from the safe, Ogilvy shoots Martin in the head. The reason being that Martin was too smart for his own good.

    Emperor Penguin

    Ignatius Ogilvy was once a common street thug in Gotham City with an unusual sense of cunning and intellegence, who eventually rose through the ranks to become the right hand man to Gotham crime boss, Penguin. Ogilvy's work for Penguin allowed him to gain his boss's trust, a difficult feat, which Ogilvy used to his advantage. When Joker came back to town during Death of the Family, Penguin's attention was called elsewhere, and he left Ogilvy in charge of his operations temporarily. Ogilvy used this turn of events to his advantage, using it as a power play. He digs up Poison Ivy, who Penguin had previously told him to dispose of, and introduces himself as Emperor Penguin.

    Capitalizing upon Joker's return, he began to kill off rivals and other enemies in his way and made the attacks look as though they were perpetrated by the madman or his fanatics. Ms. Finch told him that Batman didn't buy the ruse, but he was more concerned with what other criminals and people on the street thought.

    Emperor Penguin after defeating Batman
    Emperor Penguin after defeating Batman

    Shortly after, Ogilvy took complete control over Penguin's estate, establishing himself as the head crime boss in Gotham City. He released the man-bat serum on Gotham City, turning many of the citizens into the creatures. The creator of the serum created a cure, releasing into the city and returning the citizens to normal. Ogilvy then took the serum himself, along with additions made by Poison Ivy, turning him into a monster capable of taking down Batman.

    Ogilvy challenged Batman to a fight, and at first was victorious in their battle. However, Batman was saved by the Penguin. In the second fight, Batman beat Ogilvy with the support of his gadgets. Ogilvy was removed from power and thrown into Blackgate. Once there, he kills the gangster in charge of the prison, putting himself into power and declaring himself Emperor Blackgate.

    Forever Evil

    For more information see: Forever Evil

    Ogilvy breaks out of Blackgate Prison, and along with the rest of the freed inmates, joins Bane's army. Along with other newly freed inmates Ogilvy attacks a group of Arkham Inmates. He freezes Clayface, but is blind sided by Posin Ivy. Lucky for him Bane comes along and saves him , but before Ogilvy can thank him Bane knocks him out. Bane then delivers Ogilvy's unconscious body to The Penguin, as part of there deal for information.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ogilvy have superhuman strength (approximately class 5-6 tons) and endurance, amazing speed, agility and with a skin very resistant.


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