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Empatojayos Brand was a member of the Jedi Order, the Padawan of Jedi Master Yaddle. Brand passed the Jedi Trials and became a Jedi Knight after the Battle of Nabooin 32 BBY. He would be Yaddle's last apprentice. Brand received some of his training in the ways of the force from Master Yoda as well, including that of telekinesis. In 22 BBY, Brand was dispatched along with fellow Jedi Bultar Swan and Chellemi Chuowick to the Sepan sector to negotiate a peace to the long-running Sepan Civil War, between the worlds of Dimok and Ripoblus. During the months-long negotiations, hostilities came to a halt, but upon the Jedi's return to Coruscant fighting flared up again.

Only months later, war broke out on the planet Geonosis, as Jedi and the Galactic Reublic's new clone troppers were dispatched to that world to rescue the captured Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi from Count Dooku, leader of the secessionist Confederacy of Independant Systems. Brand flew a Delta-7 Aethesprite-class light interceptor into battle with a strike team led by Mace Windu. Upon arriving at Geonosis, Brand and his squadron joined with Master Adi Gallia to stop Cavik Toth, an ally of Dooku, from deploying a chemical weapon called trihexalo, or "hex," onto the surface of Geonosis.

Brand and his wing intercepted Toth's fleet above Geonosis. Between Brand and the other Jedi the squadron was able to destroy Toth's Hex Deployers, then defeat the Sabaoth Destroyers that Toth brought in as reinforcements. The pirate Nym and allied ships arrived shortly thereafter in support of the squadron; with their help, Toth's plans were waylaid and Gallia was able to kill him.

Geonosis turned out to be the opening battle of the galaxy-wide Clone Wars, and in the war Brand became a Jedi General. In 21 BBY, Brand and his clone troopers went to Bassadro, a mineral-rich world that the Confederacy had occupied. The Battle of Bassadro lasted twelve days and was ended when Brand led his battalion to the dormant volcanic ranges that offered cover for the Separatist forces commanded by Major Domb Treetor.

Brand ordered concussion missile strikes against the rock formations, removing the Separatists' cover and creating a storm of shrapnel that sliced through the mining village of Agao-Nir, destroying many of the battle droids stationed there, as well as four hundred unaffiliated miners. Treetor surrendered, and Bassadro was retaken for the Republic.

In 19 BBY, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared the Jedi enemies of the Republic and ordered their extermination, then transformed the Republic into a Galactic Empire with himself as Emperor. His new apprentice Darth Vader set about hunting down the Jedi, and Brand was one of the last that Vader pursued. He fled in a ship, but Vader followed, and the two ships engaged in battle. Brand lost, and his vessel was destroyed near Ganathan Space, an isolated pocket of space within a radioactive gas cloud. Brand's body was ruined, and the Jedi fell through the gas cloud in a pressure suit until he was rescued by the Ganathans, a race of people with limited space-faring capability who powered their technology with steam.

To keep him alive, Brand was outfitted with a cyborg body made of Ganathan technology but of his own design, his legs replaced with repulsorlifts and his arms with prostheses. Seeing that the Ganathan people needed a strong ruler, Brand ascended to the position of king, attempting to keep the Jedi creeds alive in his rule.

Brand believed that Vader had killed all the remaining Jedi and gave up hope. With no contact of the outside world, he remained unaware of Vader's eventual death, or of Palpatine's death and return in a clone body, and assumed that Vader had become a powerful warlord in charge of many star systems.

In 10 ABY, another ship penetrated the gas cloud: a New Republic vessel called the Millenium Falcon, carrying Han Solo, his wife Leia Organa Solo, his copilot Chewbacca, and Jedi purge survivor Vima-Da-Boda, all fleeing the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Upon entering the cloud, the damaged Falcon nearly ran into the Ganathan battleship Robida Colossus, which towed them back to Ganath. While they were en route, Ganathan Tower Command contacted Brand, presuming he would be interested to know of the outsiders. Brand met them at the spaceport, and immediately recognizing Leia and Vima-Da-Boda as Jedi, ordered the guards surrounding them to lower their guns. Brand identified himself to them as Jedi and the two women confirmed it through the Force.

The Falcon was given repairs, and Brand oversaw the replacement of the vessel's missiles with a Ganathan lightning gun, which he believed to be a superior weapon. Joining the crew of the Falcon for a test run of the ship's new systems, Brand spoke with his fellow Jedi about the changes that had taken place in his absence from galactic events, including the present fight between the New Republic and the reincarnated Palpatine. When he heard of Leia's brother Luke Skywalker, a Jedi who intended to rebuild a New Jedi Order, Brand decided to contribute to the return of the Jedi Knights.

He contacted his men, leaving the Ganathan fleet in the hands of Captain Ussor and having Ussor relay news of his departure to the council. The Falcon left Ganathan Space and moved into the gas cloud, only to emerge right in front of Fett's Slave I. The Falcon's new lightning gun made quick work of Slave I, shorting out its systems and sending it spiraling into the cloud as the Falcon made the hyperspace jump to the safeworld of New Alderaan.

On New Alderaan, Han acquainted Brand with starships in service to the New Republic, including the X-wing and Y-wing starfighters. It was not long after their arrival that Brand sighted an unidentified ship entering New Alderaan's atmosphere. For security reasons, it did not broadcast any comm signals, making it impossible to identify until it entered firing range. Brand alarmedly rushed to warn Leia and her friend Winter, but Leia soon sensed that it was Skywalker returning.

Skywalker, several Jedi recruits in tow, informed them that their base at Da Soocha V had been destroyed; not knowing that the New Republic leaders had been evacuated beforehand, he believed them to be dead. Despite the perceived tragedy, Skywalker pushed to continue training the next generation of Jedi, entrusting that of Jem and Rayf Ysanna, two force-sensitive youths he had found on Ossus, to Brand. Brand showed them the arts of telekinesis that he had learned from Yoda by lifting large rocks and teaching them to do the same. Skywalker later showed all the Jedi information that he had retrieved from Ossus on the art of battle meditation.

The Empire, meanwhile, had learned the location of New Alderaan by interrogating one of their captives, New Republic Major Ntthan. A strike force led by Executor Xecr Nist was dispatched to the world, its goal to retrieve the Force-sensitive children of the Solos. As Nist and a number of other Dark Side Adepts converged on the building where the Solo children slept, Brand, Rayf Ysanna, and Jedi Knight Kam Solusar intercepted them and engaged in a duel of lightsabers and Force prowess.

As Brand fought off multiple enemies at the same time, Solusar dueled Nist, and the attack was successfully repelled, though a secondary mission against Skywalker left Jem Ysanna dead. The victory was short-lived, though, as a number of All Terrain Armored Transporters soon joined the fight, laying waste to the New Republic settlement. The New Alderaan populace was evacuated, Brand and a number of others escaping in the cargo vessel Starhook Ten. Their destination was Nespis VIII, an abandoned city in space. There, the New Alderaan evacuees rendezvoused with the escaped Republic leadership. Skywalker, Brand, Ysanna, and Solusar convened to discuss their plight, and Brand encouraged the others not to give into despair. They were interrupted by the announcement of the birth of Leia's third child, Anakin Solo.

Brand later oversaw the removal of the lightning gun from the Falcon, as Chewbacca wanted his missiles back. Unfortunately for the Republic, not long after, their location was betrayed to the Empire by a spy, Jenks. When Brand and Han confronted Jenks, he fired upon them, hitting Brand; the Jedi was saved by his suit's backup system, though. Before an evacuation could be issued, a missile came out of hyperspace near Nespis VIII, fired by Palpatine's superweapon, the Galaxy Gun.

Fortunately for them, it was a dud, and the evacuation was pulled off before a second missile arrived and destroyed the city. Once in deep space, the Jedi and Republic leaders gathered to discuss their next phase of operations. Skywalker decided that he, Brand, Solusar, and Ysanna would go to Ossus to scout it as a possible location for a base, while the Solos and Vima-Da-Boda would find a safe hiding spot. The Jedi arrived in orbit of Ossus to find Imperial ships leaving; landing, they learned that the Empire had kidnapped members of the Ysanna tribe, and Solusar's sensor readings pointed them to Vjun, a world where Darth Vader had once owned Bast Castle.

Arriving on Vjun, the Jedi sent Solusar's I-7 Howlrunner ahead on automated systems to crash into the wall of the castle, opening the way for the Jedi. Disembarking from the Jedi Explorer II, the Jedi did battle with Nist and the dark side warriors who swarmed to meet them. Skywalker eventually ended the fight by using the Force to topple a gigantic statue of Vader onto the darksiders. They found the captured Ysanna frozen in carbonite; Nist told them that only Palpatine knew how to free them, and Skywalker determined to find the Emperor and end the fight against him for good.

Palpatine was on his way to the Onderon System in pursuit of the Solos. With his clone bodies deteriorating, the Emperor needed a new vessel to contain his soul and decided on Anakin Solo. Though the Solos escaped, they were forced to ground the Falcon at Onderon while Palpatine's flagship Eclipse II went into orbit around the world. Chewbacca and Vima-Da-Boda later left Onderon in the Falcon, hoping to serve as a decoy while the Solos took refuge in the Onderonian wilderness. Brand and the other Jedi returned to the Republic fleet transport Vindicator, where they met Chewbacca and Vima-Da-Boda and learned of Palpatine's whereabouts. A fleet was assembled to hit the Eclipse II and bring down the Emperor. When Solusar sensed that Palpatine was not aboard the vessel, Skywalker, Brand, Vima-Da-Boda, and Ysanna descended to the planet's surface in the Jedi Explorer II, certain that he would have gone there to find the Solos. They landed at Iziz Starpot and soon located Palpatine's shuttle. The Jedi were shortly joined by Han Solo, who had returned from the Kira Fortress in the wilderness where his wife and children were in hiding to meet Skywalker. The party assaulted the shuttle, fighting stormtroopers and members of the Emperor's Royal Guard, and entered it to find not Palpatine, but one of his darksiders serving as a decoy. Solo realized that Palpatine had gone to the fortress. They set off in the Jedi Explorer II.

They were not fast enough, though; Palpatine reached the fortress before they did and attacked Leia, attempting to take her child Anakin. In the midst of the struggle, Brand charged in, informing Skywalker that Palpatine was there. Palpatine hit him with a blast of force lightning, grievously injuring Brand and knocking him to the ground. Rayf Ysanna struck down one of Palpatine's darksider companions, but was in turn killed by another blast of lightning from the Emperor. However, the second attack weakened Palpatine, a fact that Brand made Skywalker aware of. Skywalker gave Palpatine a chance to surrender, but the Emperor instead charged for Anakin Solo, attempting to take the child's body to hold his own soul. Before he could reach Anakin, Han Solo shot the Emperor.

In his last burst of life, Palpatine's spirit separated from his body and moved towards the child. Brand regained control of his repulsors and launched himself across at Anakin, catching the child and protecting him with the light side of the force. Brand grasped Palpatine's spirit and took it prisoner within himself. Being eaten alive by the darkness within him, Brand sensed the despair and anger within Palpatine as he died. Palpatine spoke through the Jedi one last time before he died, cursing the Skywalker bloodline. Brand bade farewell and died, carrying Palpatine's spirit with him to be held prisoner for eternity by every Jedi who had become one with the Force, never to be resurrected again.

The next day, Skywalker recorded a message for Anakin Solo telling him of the events of Palpatine's resurrection and defeat. He closed by bidding Anakin to remember Brand and the Ysannas for the sacrifices they had made to ensure that he grow up and live a long life.


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