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    Lucia is a member of Infinity Inc. She has the power of inflict pain in others.

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    Infinity, Inc's Empathy
    Infinity, Inc's Empathy

    Lucia was a participant in Lex Luthor's Everyman Project. Though the project triggered her metagene, she was not chosen to be a member of Luthor's team, Infinity, Inc. However, after Luthor was told he could not be given powers of his own, he triggered a failsafe that took away the powers of everyone who received them from the project.

    After the Everyman Project was shut down during the events of 52, she apparently became depressed, began cutting her wrists as a result. Despite losing her powers, her metagene was not fully deactivated, causing her to develop powers that reflected her desire to harm herself. Initially, she could not control her powers, causing her to damage her surroundings. Eventually, she was tracked down by Natasha Irons and several other former Everyman members. Deciding to try living with them, she moved in with them.

    When Steel, Natasha's uncle, decided to reform Infinity Inc. to deal with the Everyman participants gaining new powers, Lucia was given the codename Empathy and put her powers to use helping the team in their mission, helping others and finding renewed happiness in her life.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Empathy's wings
      Empathy's wings

      Psychic Wound Infliction - Empathy's main power is to psychically inflict damage to anything or anyone she desires. Originally, she could not control her powers, damaging things at random. As her proficiency improved, she learned to direct her powers at any person or object she chooses. Her default use of this power is to cut into her target in a similar fashion as how she used to cut her wrists. The cuts are usually deep enough to leaves scars on the leverage person, but non-lethal. Before she could control her powers, the scars on her wrists from past self-mutilation attempts would open, causing large amounts of uncontrollable bleeding. When she gains control however, the scars disappear entirely.

    • Energy Wings - When Lucia learned to control her powers, She began manifesting wing-like protrusions of energy from her back.

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