Emory Rains

    Character » Emory Rains appears in 14 issues.

    The vampiric leader of the Paybacks’ top repo-squad.

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    Emori Rains was the leader of “Alpha Team,” the top repo-squad of the Paybacks, a loan shark organization for superheroes. She was also later revealed to be a vampire when she turned feral and attempted to attack High Guard.

    Powers & Abilities

    Vampirism - As a vampire, Emori likely possessed the typical strengths and weaknesses of her kind, such as enhanced speed and a weakness to sunlight.

    Retractable Claws - Emori could elongate her fingernails at will, turning them into razor-sharp talons for close combat.

    Healing Factor - When Emori was subdued by High Guard, the hero stated that she could regenerate from the wounds he had inflicted on her.


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