Emmet Proudhawk

    Character » Emmet Proudhawk appears in 4 issues.

    Emmet Proudhawk is a paranormal and who brought Psi-Force together.

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    Before the White Event happened, Emmet Proudhawk worked for the Foundation. His job was to find people who had high ESP scores and make a list of these people. After the White Event he gained telepathic abilities and started to have precognitive dreams. Using his dreams he only found Tucker, Crawley, Jessup, Ling, and Inyushin. He convinced them to run to San Fransisco to the Sanctuary. While there he tries to convince everyone to stay. Wayne Tucker declines and tells him he's leaving tomorrow. Staci leaves and calls the KGB to take her away. Emmet pushed the kids into following him to find her, while there the KGB shows up with Mindwolf. Emmet goes on a telepathic battle with Mindwolf but Mindwolf was too powerful and killed him.


    Emmet Proudhawk was created by Stephen Perry and Mark Texeira in 1986 and first appeared in Psi-Force # 1. 


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